Does that mean my hand will brake? Funny things they say!

While playing about with Joseph today, I picked him upside down and noticed that his school shoes were getting a bit grubby

Mummy: Ooh! Joseph I think you need a new pair of school shoes
Joseph: Why mummy?
Mummy: Because they look like they are wearing away at the sole
Joseph: But they still fit me
Mummy: Yes but you can’t walk around with holes in your shoes and they don’t look very smart anymore
Joseph: You know! mummy, shoes don’t last forever!

Tell me about it!

Daddy bought a new car home yesterday and when the boys came home from school they couldn’t wait to explore it. They was enjoying touching buttons, opening up compartments and pretending to drive the car. Oliver was touching the hand brake, Jak was in the drivers seat and Joseph was in the passenger seat looking around
Joseph: What’s that Jak?
Jak: what?
Joseph: That what Oliver is playing with? *pointing at the hand brake*
Jak : That’s the hand brake!
Joseph: What! Will it brake my hand if I touch it then?
*Joseph looks worried*
Jak: NO! LOL it means that you can brake the car with your hand
Joseph: That’s not good, we don’t want to brake the car!
Daddy interrupts and tells him that to stop the car you can use your foot on the pedal and you can pull up the handle with your hand to make sure that the car will not move and that’s why it’s called a hand brake.

It never seams to amaze me with what my boys come out with!
What do your children say or do that make you laugh?

Thank you for reading my post 🙂


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