DIY Moshi Monsters Paper Bowl

If your children are Moshi Monster fans this simple craft is easy but very effective when finished and they are left with a decorative bowl that can be used for many things; like a new home for your moshlings, items for crafts, sweets, jewelry or even somewhere to keep their pocket money



You will need:

A Moshi magazine – preferably one that has been read

PVA Glue

Paint brush

A plastic bowl

Cling film


Cut out pictures of moshlings or words that you would like to be on your bowl, lots will be needed as they need to completely cover the bowl on the inside and out

Using a plastic bowl as a suitable mold, cover it with some cling film making sure it is covered completely and secure it in place with some tape on the inside of the bowl.

Mix some of the PVA glue with a little water (not too watery)

Begin to glue on your pictures using the watery PVA and a paint brush, cover the bowl completely, once dry apply another layer of pictures. Keep on doing this until you have done a few layers.

Remove the bowl from the plastic mold, it should come away easily.

Now, begin to layer on some pictures on the inside of the bowl so that you will cover up the cling film. This will keep the bowl nice and strong, the more layers of pictures you apply the harder the paper bowl will be making it more sturdy to hold items.



Owl bowl sits proudly on the Living-room cabinets top, where Joseph stores some of his moshlings.

A great thing about paper bowls is that they can be made of any paper pictures like; newspaper, any character magazines, coloured sugar paper or even printed paper photographs. They would make great centre pieces at parties filled with sweets, crisps or popcorn (unfortunately no wet food), pot pourri or even dried flowers.

Hope you like this post 🙂




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