Ditching Nappies

Since my last post on how we decided to tackle potty training, the little fella has come on leaps and bounds.

He has been completely dry, day and night, only having the odd accident when he has been asleep in the afternoon.

I am still putting him to sleep wearing a night time pull up but he will not wee in it. Instead he wakes me up in the middle of night with distressing noises and when I ask him if he is ok he tells me he needs a wee. The pull ups that he wears are ones that have pictures on the front that disappear once wet and because he likes to look at the picture he will not wee in them. The first thing he does once he is awake in the morning is too check his pull up to see if the picture is there and then he says ‘Ive not made the picture go mummy, it’s still here’
I think that he is probably ready to ditch the nappies completely and just stick to wearing his underpants 🙂

Little man doesn’t even use a potty anymore, instead he will use the ‘Big boy toilet’ Oliver has a step that he uses to get up onto the toilet and off again, no one is aloud to help him, he is very independent and also VERY private! Once he is on the toilet he asks me to close the door and go away. I have to leave him in there until he is ready for me.

Oliver has grown up so much in the past month, I am so proud of him.

One day last week we traveled into London on the underground and once we was on the train he asked me for the toilet, I explained to him that he would have to hold it for a while until we get off of the train. He had to wait for 4 stops and then once we got off at green Park we had a very long walk to get out (which I never knew an exit from a station could be so long) I was expecting him to have had an accident, I just kept telling him that it was OK and he would be able to go to the toilet very soon. We made it to the toilets (which lucky for us were in the station near the ticket office) and he was still dry, he had held his wee for 10 minutes!

We have recently travelled 140 miles in the car, stopping twice, one in a motor way stop over and another in a lay by for him to have a wee because he asked us for the toilet. I am happy to say we arrived at our destination completely dry!

I believe I can 100% say that Oliver is now fully potty trained and goodbye to nappies. I never thought we would get here as 2 months ago he was having about 4 accidents a day and having to wear a nappy on the school run, but we have and I am very proud of him.

Are you potty training at the moment? How are you getting on?


5 thoughts on “Ditching Nappies

  1. Hooray, I think he is dry!! We started potty training last October when Lil G was 2 years 4 months. It took about 6-8 weeks until there were no accidents, I delayed taking off the nappy at night until he went a whole week without using his nappy, he’s just gone 2 weeks without using his nappy so last night we ditched the nappy and hey presto he and the bed were dry. I’ve really enjoyed this stage, he took to it so well just like your little fella x

    1. Yay! It is a good feeling isn’t it? It was so stressful at the start, he would stand and wet himself and not even tell me but now he puts himself on the toilet without asking 🙂 thank you for commenting x

  2. Yayy what a big milestone!! Ditching nappies feels really massive doesn’t it? We’re stil on pull ups over night but I think we’re almost there.

    1. It’s brilliant! And he is so proud of himself too 🙂 well done to you and little Z too! Have you tried the huggies nappies with the disappearing picture? X

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