Discovering my Perfect Fit with Hotter

An Invite to Hotter Store

Last week I was invited along to my local Hotter store in Romford after being selected as a Fit Fortnight winner to pick out a pair of shoes that I had won at Blogon the previous month. It was a chance for me to receive my very own cinderella moment where my feet would be measured by an expert to find my perfect fit.

What is Fit Fortnight?

Fit Fortnight campaign (was running between 13th – 27th May) is designed to help Hotter customers in finding a perfectly fitting show/sandal by measuring their feet and providing expert advice. All of Hotter shoes come in sizes 3-9 with some designs in half sizes and extra wide fitting options.

Meeting My Fit Ambassador

I arrived at the Hotter Romford store on bank holiday monday morning and was approached by a lovely young store assistant who instantly was welcoming and friendly. As soon as I mentioned that I was there for my Hotter Fit, the young lady then went off in to the back of the shop to get the Hotter Fit Ambassador.

Taking seat in one of the many comfortable chairs that were available. I waited for Elise, the Fit Expert to arrive.

Elise, with her bright and bubbly personality, was a lovely young lady – whom was happy to listen to what I was looking for and eager to give me advice on what would be ideal for my lifestyle.

FIT Experts

Hotter are passionate about fit; from the design and technical teams who build clever fitting options into every pair, to the advisors who know the shoes inside out. Fit Experts are trained so that they can give you the best fitting advice possible. They take time to help you find your perfect shoe as they are passionate about finding you the perfect fit.

My Hotter Fit

After a brief introduction to Elise and a little chat about my lifestyle and type of shoe that I was looking for, I was given my cinderella experience. I had always bought shoes that were size 4 or 4 1/2, occasionally would I buy shoes that were size 5 as they would generally be too big for me. After having my feet measured I was surprised to see that my feet were actually a perfect size 5.

Across the Hotter collection, many of the shoes come in half sizes and have three width fittings, plus a multitude of clever fastening features. Hotter shoes are designed to deliver your perfect fit.

I do a lot of walking and as I work in a school a lot of my time is spent on my feet. I was looking for a pair of shoes that would be comfortable, allow my feet to breath but also I wanted them to be stylish too. I had previously told a friend about my Hotter visit and they had mentioned that the shoes were for the older generation, I have to disagree with this comment. I found the shoes to come in a variety of styles and many of them mirroring the styles that you would find in other high street stores. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many beautiful and dainty looking shoes they had on offer.

My Hotter choice

As we’re heading into the warmer months of the year I really wanted to find a pair of sandals that would looked pretty but would also last. I needed them to give my support when moving around with the children at home and at work. With the help from Elise, I chose three pairs.

‘Leah’ in aqua nubuck, ‘Tropic’ in blood orange and ‘Hannah’ in coral nubuck/suede.

I really liked the look of the Tropic style and was looking for a nice vibrant colour, sadly the citrus yellow wasn’t in stock in my size so i tried on the blood orange. The fit just wasn’t giving me the support that i needed around the toes. I have quite slim feet and the Hannah sandals fitter perfectly.



Hannah are flattering and flexible. They are a slip on sandal with an elasticated strap that gives you that added support.

“The signature ruffle detail on Hannah has been reduced to really let the beauty of this sandal show, and what a result! For feminine styling that can easily be dressed up or down, encase sun-kissed toes in a luxurious combination of Velvet Nubuck and Soft Suede.”

As soon as I placed my feet into the sandal I just knew that these were for me. My feet felt luxurious against the soft suede material. My feet felt like they were walking on air the whole time, the cushioning giving my soles the comfort that they need when walking.

Hotter Fit Fortnight

I attended the hotter fit fortnight event on the last day, so sadly this isn’t running in the shops at the moment. But, the store assistants are always there to give you advice and help you in finding your perfect fit. Hotter run these events throughout the year so keep an eye out for when they are next running in your local store so that you can find your perfect fit.

Hotter App –

EASY, FAST, FUN. FOOTWEAR AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Hotter now have an app available to download where you can discover the latest of Hotter footwear.

*I received these pair of shoes in exchange for this review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.


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