Dear So and So letters

My Dear so and so letters this week are not only to other people who I have met but to objects and life in general

Dear Green Park Underground Station

On Sunday, whilst I was travelling through from your station, I took my toddler of 3 years to the toilet. He said that he didn’t want to go, but as a Parent I know that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself on the train and end up wetting himself, so I though it would be best that he went before we boarded the train. I was relieved to see the toilet sign and rushed him quickly in the direction of the toilets. I was utterly disgusted to see this…….


50p for a wee! Seriously! I’ve heard of going to spend a penny but 50 of them! AND of course I only had £1 and the machine doesn’t give change so it cost me double just for my little 3-year-old to go to the toilet. How can you even think of charging that much for someone to use the toilet?

From a not very happy PISSed off Mummy

Dear Son,

I was so proud of you on Sunday when I saw you on the big screen, running in the Westminster Mile. Ok, you didn’t beat last years time and You were a little upset about the time that you got, but just remember that your family are very proud of you and just your sheer determination and courage to run in such a big race is enough to make us very proud of you


You managed to finish with a time of 6:10 and came 22nd out of 43 boys. I look at you and still see the tiny, fragile little baby boy who was handed to me in the hospital bed at a few seconds old. I find it hard to believe that twelve years have passed, and that I nearly have a teenager boy. You make us proud in everything that you do.

Love Mummy

Dear Ironing Pile,

You sit there in the Corner of the kitchen, Mr high and mighty. You feel a little hard done by as no-one has given you any attention for days. The family walk by you, ignoring the look that you are giving out. I’m sick to death of you, the way that you just wait there staring at me, wanting my attention. Well let me tell you, I have a lot more important things in my busy life to deal with than giving you a few hours of my day. How am I going to find the time to fit you in. I’m a busy person you know!

From a worn out Mum

Dear Underground worker at Goodge Street,

Thank you so much for your help!

Whilst walking along the platform after getting off of the Northern Line train, a big gush of wind came along and blew my youngest son’s hat off of his head. I wasn’t quick enough to grab it as I was holding both my sons hands, all we could do was watch it fly onto the tracks. It landed in between the rails. We went up to the ticket office, where we bumped into you on our way through the turnstile. I thought that it would be a good idea to tell you about the hat, not thinking that we had a chance to get it back, but to warn you incase it caused any trouble with the track. You took down my number nad said that you would ring me if they managed to get it back at the end of the day.

I didn’t expect to receive a call an hour later from you telling me that you had managed to pick the hat up with a grabber stick and that it was waiting for me at the station. We picked it up on our way home, all the staff were waiting there to hand it back to my little man.

You really did make a little boy very happy, he thought that he had lost it forever.

Thank you

From a very thankful Mum

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5 thoughts on “Dear So and So letters

  1. Like the others, I love your letter to your ironing pile! My son does his own ironing, thank goodness.
    I honestly cant believe places that charge for going to the toilet! What is happening? It seems we have to pay for everything these days. There will be a pavement tax before long, I’m sure!
    Have a great week and well done to your son. Definitely a proud Mummy moment x

  2. Oh ironing that’s banned here unless interview or special occasion I don’t believe in wasting my life on that ha! Well done to your son what an accomplishment! And I do love some kindness x

  3. Every sympathy with the loo situation, that is taking the Piss! *sorry* and as for the ironing pile ours gets reworn and added back in before it ever sees an iron!

  4. Brilliant, especially the note to the ironing pile. Pure genius. Have a great week. Mich x

    1. Thank you Michelle, I am always talking to it so I thought I may aswell write a letter to it too. Hadn’t worked though, is still there! X

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