Dear Hubby For your information…..

I am a stay at home mum, I have a 11 month old baby at home to look after and a 5 and 9 year old that i take to school everyday. The Other Half goes out to work from monday to friday leaving the house at 8 every morning and arriving home at about 6ish, he works in London and commutes everyday by cycling, which he thoroughly enjoys doing, not only does it keep him fit but he can be at work door to door in about 40 minutes. He works hard at his job and i never would never think otherwise. My days are busy running around after the three children and taking care of the house work. Every day when my partner gets in from work he asks me what i have got up to in the day, i tell him just the normal. I think he believes that i just sit around all day long lounging on the sofa and watching daytime television as he can always find something that i haven’t done for example I got asked why i haven’t been watering the pot plants outside and if i have chlorinated the pool. Every day he comes home from work he asks whats for dinner and sits down on the sofa which is where he will stay unless he decides to go out for a run or take a trip to the swimming baths. I am getting pretty sick of being given extra jobs to do around the house so today i listed down everything i had done from the moment i woke to now (23:00) so here is my letter to the other half explaining what my day has entailed.

Dear Paul

I know you probably believe that my role as a mum means sitting around having fun with the baby all day long and just watching television whilst resting my feet and eating all the goodies that we have in cupboards but unfortunately you can not be more far from what i get up to.

6:45 Alarm goes off, i press snooze button. Just 10 more minutes please

7:05 I wake up, you hand the baby over to me so i give him a huge morning cuddle, Joseph enters the room and i hug him too. I go upstairs to get dressed. You stay downstairs to make breakfast, you feed Oliver some of your cereal and leave the rest of it for Jak to feed him.

7:30 I come downstairs, make the boys packlunch and breakfast. I pick up your mess from the floor and put cereal boxes away. I get the boys dressed in their school uniform and wash Oliver and dress him in his clothes. the boys brush their teeth.

8:00 You leave for work. Joseph and I do some crafts and colouring in. I gather the book bags together, put Oliver in his buggy, make him a bottle and pick up the lunch boxes.

8:35 We leave for school, we don’t ever drive as it is about a 15 minute walk away we always walk.

9:00 Children go into school and i walk to the chemist to collect a prescription and but some cleaning products.

9:30 Arrive home, Oliver is still awake. I put the rubbish out, pick up your trainers that you left in the living room the night before and your dirty cycling and running clothes from the floor and put them in the washing basket. I begin to hoover the living room, under the sofa where i find a glove of yours I take all the cushions off of the sofa so i can clean under them. Oliver is crying so i pay him attention, give him a cuddle.

9:50 I clean the rubbish bin and put a new bag in it, I put Oliver in his buggy and he falls asleep.

10:10 I check my email on the laptop and upload photographs on the gallery from the camera

10:35 load the washing machine up, bring in the drying, fold the clothes.

10:50 Carry on with the hoovering and cleaing , empty the hoover

11:00 Take the boys dressing gowns up to their bedroom, pick up books and place them on the bookshelf.

11:10 Enter the bedroom and pick up your dirty clothes from your side of the bed. Start to clean the bathroom and toilet with bleach but Oliver wakes up, I change his nappy and cuddle him. Now downstairs oliver and i finish off tidying the living room and hoovering the sofa, he helps me take all the cushions off and we put his toys away.

11:45 Make olivers lunch, do the washing up, put the dishes away. Oliver is crying he is getting hungry and is hanging around my legs.

12:00 take in a delivery from the postman and feed oliver his sandwich. As oliver is in his high chair i take this time to wash the floor. Oliver has made a mess on the rug so i hoover again and wash him down as he has squashed banana all over him and the chair. I lay him on the floor to dress him in some clean clothes and he decides to go ahead and use my floor as a toilet so i clean the floor, bleach it and shower him down.

12:40 Whilst upstairs i leave oliver in the bedroom safely behind a door gate and i disinfect the bathroom and toilet, clean out the bath and scrub the floor and wall. I play with Oliver with some lego in the bedroom.

1:45 a knock on the door it’s a surprise visit from my dad who lives hundreds of miles away in yorkshire, he has come to visit for the week staying at my sisters house. I make a drink and sit down and talk to him. Oliver cries and will not go near him, he just wants me to hold him after 15 minutes he is starting to get used to grandads accent and gets down and walks around

2:50 Leave the house to pick up the boys from school

3:30 Arrive home, empty book bags and clean out lunch boxes. The boys have brought home their PE kits so i empty them into the washing machine and sit down and talk about school. Joseph gets undressed and gets into the pool for a swim. Oliver is following me around the house thinking it is fun to crawl through my legs and hang on my dress. He is a bit weary of grandad so he is sticking close by to mummy. Get joseph out of the pool and dressed into gymnastics clothes.

4:30 Say goodbye to grandad and we leave the house to walk to gymnastics club

5:00 Arrive at the centre, settle Joseph in. Sit and read with Jak. Keep Oliver occupied for an hour until Joseph finishes. I talk to a friend for 15 minutes after joseph has finished his class.

6:40 Arrive home and see me at the cooker, I start to cook dinner, you arrive from work at the same time, Your mum has come round to visit. You ask me what i am doing! Durh, what do you think i am doing standing over the cooker, You sit down on the sofa and talk to your mum whilst i stay in the kitchen cooking.

7:45 Your mum leaves and dinner is served very late. I feed oliver. I wash up and you disappear up stairs.

8:30 The boys want to make cards for their teachers so i quickly help them, send boys up stairs to bed, clean teeth. I shower oliver and dress him in his bedclothes. I sit down in the living room.

9:30 Bottle made for oliver i feed it to him. Pick up your coat and put it in the cupboard. Oliver falls asleep i place him in his cot. I put a new load of washing on and tidy up the living room.

10:00 I sit down and turn on the laptop. You are in bed!

Today has been a pretty laid back day as i have done no bill paying or shopping. Tomorrow will be exactly the same, groundhog day.

I have tried to keep my list short and kept out all the nappy changing, baby snack feeding, picking lego pieces up, gathering toys up from the floor, dusting, watering plants and fixing broken toys. I know even if you read this you will still not believe how busy my days are!

A very tired Angela x


8 thoughts on “Dear Hubby For your information…..

  1. It is the little things that dads don’t help with which doesn’t take any effort on their part (putting used glasses in the dishwasher instead of on the side, putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket, taking laundry downstairs when asked, helping take LO’s stuff for the day downstairs, getting LO dressed instead of playing with him for 15 minutes while I’m getting up, taking tissues out of dirty washing…the list goes on). I wouldn’t mind so much but I work 5 days a week as well as doing everything for our son, so a bit of help with the little automatic things that mums sort out would be helpful.

  2. It is amazing how little my husband knows about my day too. He knows I am busy and suspects I employ a small team of fairies to help with the housework! I also have three boys and the work doesn’t stop from son up to son down!! Keep going lovely 🙂 xx

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