Date night

Tonight is our first ever date night.

Paul and I have been together for what seems like an eternity and as we have three boys ranging from 10 to 1 years you can imagine how’s my times we get to be alone, yes! Zilch! Our lives are pretty much all about them, everything I do and have done for the past 10 years has been focused around my children. Before the boys entered our crazy lives we enjoyed going To the cinema, eating out at restaurants, romantic walks around London, trips abroad especially last minute ones, the odd weekend away and cost nights in watching a good movie with a takeaway now the moment the boys go to bed I am pretty much ready to flake out, fall asleep and not wake up until the next day.
We no longer have nights out together, Paul occasionally goes out with his friends or spends his time training for a race which leaves me staying in with the boys watching cartoons and eating popcorn. I can’t remember the last time I got dressed up, slapped on some make up and dance the night away, well I’m not even sure how long I would last on a night out as I am pretty much ready to hit the sack at 8pm. The last time I probably went out was over a year ago and that was to Paul’s Christmas work do which we did get to stay in a hotel for as it was being held at Peterborough Dogs.
Between taking the children to clubs and castings, Paul and me working, me being a mum and Paul’s training we have no time for each other, which is causing a strain on our relationship, we constantly bicker and it is no good for the children. I don’t want my children being brought up in a battle zone the world is an ugly enough state as it is, so I have decided that Paul and I need to spend more time together, wether it being an hour in the evening watching TV together or going out for a meal (minus the boys) we must try and find a bit of romance as I don’t when or where it has gone but I have not seen any of it for years.

Tonight Paul and I are having a date night with a bang, we are off to stay in a hotel in London, which may i add that I booked, called The Grange City (that’s Paul’s surname)
I have packed our suitcases with a lovely black number for me and some high heels (hope I don’t fall over!) and Paul has a nice suit and smart shirt to wear. I am currently sitting in a train with our luggage on my way to meet my date (as Paul works in London)

We will make the most of the spa and swimming pool and other facilities that the hotel has to offer, we will dine out without having food thrown all over us by the youngest, I will not be woken up by a screaming baby, Nanny will!, instead if I have an unbroken sleep it will probably be from drinking too much champagne.
I have kept the name of the hotel under wraps and am hoping to surprise him what one but as he knows London inside out I guess he will know when we are near Fenchurch street station.


So here’s to our first date night!


Bottoms up guys! 😉


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  1. How did it go? Did you enjoy it? We tend to have lunch dates rather than try to get out at night. Much easier with childcare in the day and no worries about falling asleep at 8pm.

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