Crafting with Yellow Moon; Finger Puppets and Christmas Wreaths

As being part of the Yellow moon blogging community we are extremely lucky to receive special packages from them, the boys and myself loves these type of packages as they are full up with crafts. As soon as a parcel arrives they are quickly opening up the box to see what is inside and deciding what they are going to use and make.

last week we received:

Winter Card & Paper Value Pack (pack of 100) £5.99

Snow Pals 4 Piece Stationary Set (pack of 3) £3.95 £1.99

Christmas Feathers (14g bag) £2.50

Christmas Glitter Pom-Poms (pack 100) £2.75

Pearlised Sparkle Acrylic Deco Pens (pack of 5) £9.99

Mini Glue Dots (box of 300) £2.99



The little stationary sets are ideal for little presents or to add in to your child’s pencil case, Joseph loved the set and now keeps it in his bedroom next to his secret diary 🙂 easily accessible when he needs to add some information into his diary. Joseph also uses it for his homework, he really enjoys having his own stationary set to use. I have taken the other two into work with me ready to give away as prizes to the children at their Christmas party, I know that they are going to love them!

We used the colourful card to make a Christmas Wreath, I cut out a circle with a hole in the middle from the green card and then Oliver got to the fun bit, sticking! He stuck on some of the feathers and pom-poms, to make it look all Christmasy and it is now hung up in our livingroom for all to see.



Jak has recently learnt how to do origami in school and he also has a book on it, he used the paper to fold up and make finger puppets. He made all types; Superman, big ones, little ones and even a little Santa. My favourite one was Superman, the boys spent ages playing with them and jak has even made some for his friends.



He used some of the small pom-poms for the eyes and a feather for the hair. The mini glue dots were easy for him to use and also less messier than pva, the eyes haven’t fallen off yet so they must be held on quite firmly.

Their are lots of colours to choose from in the card & paper pack including silver and gold which is a favourite of my boys as they always like sparkly stuff, but as it is Christmas they just stuck with the green and red colours.

The pearlised  sparkle deco pens were a personal favourite of mine and Jak’s although i must admit I have sneakily hidden them at the back of my drawer so that the boys don’t get them. The pens comes in two different packs, each with different shimmery colours in them, the pack we received had Silver, Gold, Red, Blue and Green. each pen is filled with a water based acrylic. They can be used on just about anything such as card, paper, wood and glass. I decorated a small jar for Jak’s Christmas present and filled it with his favourite sweet; yellow bellies.



With a little bit of ribbon round the neck it will make a perfect stocking gift for him. As the pens are water based you don’t have to push down on them too hard, but the good thing is they don’t take too long to dry 🙂

For all your Christmas crafts or any type of crafts, check out

I was sent these products for the purpose of this post


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