Cow & Gate Supergroup

I’m so proud of my little boy, seeing him on the television is quite surreal. He has a bright and bubbly personality and is always giggling away at his big brothers. His laugh is infectious and he has that little cheeky grin that gets him anything that he wants.

We was overwhelmed to find out that Cow & Gate agree with us when they decided to put him on their new TV and Cinema advert. The Tv advert is 40 seconds long and is about feeding the childrens personality’s . The advert that is shown in the cinemas is 2 minutes long and shows a little bit more of Oliver and his infectious bubbly nature.

For those of you that haven’t seen the advert here its is…



6 thoughts on “Cow & Gate Supergroup

  1. Ah, we just added our fourth boy almost three years ago now… I had three older brothers too, there is just something about boys! 🙂 Cute kiddos, fun clip for your boy to be a part of 🙂

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