Cooking up a Gousto 13/365

So today was Friday the 13th. Not much really happened. Nothing bad anyway.

I spent the day at home by myself, the first time since coming home from hospital. I did have some visitors in the morning, a couple of very good friends. It was lovely to see them and so nice to have company. Just someone to talk to about anything else but my diagnosis and operation.

I even managed to cook up dinner with the help from Gousto.

I can not rate this food delivery company enough. The food is always tasty and it’s nice to try new recipes that we wouldn’t normally try. We like to taste new foods and Gousto is a good way of doing it. You choose the meals you want for the week and then they deliver the food, everything in the recipe is Included apart from oil, salt and pepper. All of the food is fresh and organic, so you know you’re eating good food.

My eldest son loves to cook up the recipes and is very proud of what he dishes up. He’s learning new ways to cook, new recipes and how to cook. His first meal took him about an hour and a half to cook but he is now getting quicker and can now manage to whip up the meal in about 45 minutes. 

Today we had Snappy Asian Fish end Papillote. 

Cooking ‘end Papillote’ means cooking in a a sealed envelope. It’s how I love to cook all of my fish. 

I added in the pomegranate to give a little sweetness.


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