Design your own Climbing Frame with action 03D

Ever wish you could be more adventurous with your little ones?

Do they love to climb?

My boys love to climb especially Joseph, anything he put his little legs to he will do. He loves a visit to the park and really enjoys climbing the helicopter frame they have there, and getting to the top where he loves to show off with a big smile on his face shouting ‘Look at me, I’m the king of the castle’.

Once a year as a family we visit Wales and hike up Mount Snowdon, it gives the boy’s a sense of self achievement and they coming back home telling everyone about their tales of climbing a mountain.

Anyway I have been introduced to a lovely website who sell all different types of climbing frames to suit your childs needs. Big Game Hunters have a ‘Design your own Frame’ software Action 3D on their website where you can get creative and design and construct your very own action climbing frame. It is free and easy to use and a great way of being innovative, where you can design to your child’s abilities and interests which can suit your child more perfectly than buying an off the shelf product, which may i add are not bad either but this way has a more personal approach to it.

It’s great isn’t it? I know!

Why not take a look and create something to be proud of, a frame that you can sit down with your children and design together, you can add swings, many different fun accessories, slides and climbing walls, once you download the 03D software your ready to go. First you start with a tower as a basis then just keep adding what you want.

We started of with the Gate Lodge Tower and began to build on that, once you choose your items you drag them over to the main window, where you have an option to rotate, zoom in and out or move it to your desired position. When choosing the next objects to add to your tower you just hover your mouse over an object to check the compatibility of it.

Arundle Tower only

Each model in the software is very detailed and intricate . This means that it can take a little while to show up in the main window once you have dragged them over from the side bar. You Just have to be patient, it will happen! Remember good things come to those who wait!!

Item categories are

  • Towers – This is where you can choose your main tower or a prebuilt one.
  • Addons – Such as Swing Arms, Nets and Sandpits, there are lots of different types of extra addons in this category to suit any child.
  • Connectors – Tunnels or Bridges etc
  • Ladders – These come long or short
  • Safety Flooring – Grass or Rubber Mats to place under the activity for safety
  • Slides – You have a choice of Wavy or Straight
  • Staircase – Can be Long or Short
  • Imagination Accessories – Great for children’s pretend play, like Steering Wheels and telescopes. Add an extra oomph to your design.
  • Double Swing Seat – Choose from Trapeze Rings (a favourite of my boys) for your young gymnasts, Baby Seats for the young ones and Rope Ladders for the energetic ones.
  • Single Swing Seat – You can add-on a Tyre Swing or a Climbing Rope.

When each item has been dragged into the main window to the left hand side there is another window where it will tally up everything you have chosen in a list form. Here you can delete an item if you have changed your mind also it will tell the price of individual products and an overall price of the whole frame, which is ideal if you have a budget to stick to. Once you are happy with the end product you an option to save and send it through to Big Game Hunters to place on order or send it to our email address for further reference. Each frame is approved by their experts from a specialist team who around to give you advice over whether something will work or not so you don’t have to worry if your creation will work or not.

I found the software easy and simple to use once i worked out how to install it – after having problems viewing it on my laptop i installed it onto my computer, think i may have had a sticky sensor pad, it took me around about 15/20 minutes of choosing my items to design the frame, it just depends on how big or small you want your frame to be. Everything is fully explained, if like me you are not a very technological person. I did have fun just playing around with lots of different frames and addons. The boys enjoyed pointing out what they would like on the frame and got all excited when they could view the final product. They both enjoy climbing and imaginative play so we tried to design our frame around that. There was lots of choice available as in different types of frames to suit different needs.

My eldest son designed the following frame all by himself so it just shows how easy the software is.

Now its your turn!


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