Chubby toes! 135/365

My little Oliver is growing up too fast! In two months time he will be two years old! Where does the time go?

The reason why I set up this blog was so the boys and I could have our own little diary of what we get up to and where we go, sharing with others as well!
I like to look back at photographs taken and shared on here and think about the day when it was taken an what we were up to!
I caught Jak this morning reading through the blog, pointing out bits where he was in a post and laughing to himself!

Out of The photos that I have previously taken of the boys my favourite has to e of Oliver’s cute little chubby hands and feet, I like to look at them and see how much they have changed!

I took a photo today of Oliver’s foot and although he is nearly two it still looks like a babies foot, with all the little wrinkles and chubbines!



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