Christmas Pyjamas for the kids at Next

As most of you guys out there that know my family will know that my boys love to dress up smart and that also means looking great for bed too. They like to be fashionable but like to be comfortable in what they are wearing too.

Every Christmas my boys love to receive new pyjamas and Next have a great selection of them.

For my eldest Jak he would love these 7.Chillax Pjs £12 – £17 – 394-010-X48 – and the 8.Classic Pjs £14 – £19 – 726-259-X48 – They both look cool enough for him to wear and lounge about in all day, especially the classic pyjamas, he would feel like a grown up in these (just like what his dad wears lol).

My middle boy Joseph is four years old, he wants to feel grown up like his big brother but still loves wearing his all in ones to bed. He says that it makes him all snuggly and they keep him warm at night, bless him. These particular ones at next, 9.Jungle Sleep suits – £14 – £16 – 729-846-G47 are great for him.

Both my boys would absolutely love to receive these slippers for christmas they are would make them run around and pretend to be little monsters in them (which is nothing new) 10.Hairy Foot Slippers £11 – £12 – 749-729-G47 –

My youngest addition to the family is baby Oliver who is 5 months old. I absolutely adore these little outfits for babies on christmas day. I am sure i am bot the only one who goes out and buys a christmas outfit for there baby to wear on christmas, I done it previously with my other two and I will be doing it again with Oliver, I am sure they will have something to say about it when they are older and when they see what they had to wear lol. I love this little

Elf Outfit, £13 and booties, £6-7 –

Are they not just so adorable and cute.

And if you have a little girl, (for which i was not blessed with lol) the Christmas Tutu Set £22 – 814-563-G47 – is just the cutest i have seen. If i had alittle girl i would definately be buying this one.

Next also have a great selection of girls pyjama sets, here are just a few of what they have. They are in great colurs and very fashionable.

  1. All in one Star suit £10 – 108-720-X48 –
  2. Mouse Slippers £7 – 381-720-X48-
  3. Penguin Pjs – £6.5 – £13.5 – 381-425-G47 –
  4. Character Pjs 2 pack – 120-184-X48-
    I Personally love the little cute mouse slippers as i love little things with ears on.
    What will your little ones be recieving or wearing on christmas day?

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