Christmas Aftermath

The Christmas Clear Up

Ok so Christmas is over and now we have one more festive occasion to look forward to, New Years Eve.
After weeks of decorating up our houses up with tinsel, trees, lights, baubles, little Xmas ornaments, singing teddies and whatever else I have missed out, we now need to pack it all up in boxes and black bags and put into the loft ready to gather dust and to be pulled out again for next Christmas.
Not only do I have my decorations that i have had up this year I have the new decorations that I have bought in the Christmas sales to be used next year to be put away too.
I don’t know about you but my loft is so unorganised, I have boxes and bags of stuff all over the place, I probably even have, actually no I’m sure that I have decorations up there that have got missed placed over the years. Every December I search the loft, sifting through all the stuff up there looking for the bags that have ‘xmas’ written all over them and every December it gets less and less that I bring down.
So all my decs are put away and now my living room looks bare and for the first time in a month, nice and tidy lol (which won’t stay like that for long knowing my three boys).
Joseph was actually quite shocked when he came downstairs after my tidy up, he said ‘oh mum it’s lovely and clean, wow’ Cheeky little thing.
So the living room is done and now I have to tackle the boys bedroom, I have to find places for the new things that they got for Christmas.
There wardrobes are all ready packed up with things that they got last year and haven’t even opened. Luckily this year I asked family for clothes or books for them so I don’t have to make much room for them.
Hopefully this time tomorrow my house will be clean and tidy (as long as I keep the boys out of it) with no sign of Christmas in it ready for seeing the new year in.


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