Chocolate lollipops

Today i was going to bake a lemon drizzle cake but after getting the scales out of the cupboard and realising that the batteries had run out, I got my thinking cap on and thought what else could I make with the kids.

I’d visited hobby craft in the week and bought a few things among them was a lollipop mould set and some melts.

I let the boys choose what flavours they wanted, they chose chocolate mint and vanilla with hundreds and thousands.

First we melted the vanilla chocolate as that was what we was going to put on our flower as the stigma. I spooned on the melted chocolate into the middle of the flowers on the mould, once all done I placed in the fridge for 5 minutes just to help it to set a bit.

Then we melted the mint chocolate, I took the moulds out of the fridge and spooned on the chocolate to the flower, i placed a lolly stick into the melted chocolate, making sure that the stick was covered and that all the chocolate was in the petals evenly.

Once this was done I placed it into the fridge after 30 minutes I took them out and gently eased the stick away from the mould.


All done and tasty to eat.



Quick and easy to make and the boys loved them that much that I have had to hide the rest of them at the back if the fridge out of sight lol


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