Celebrating with Thomas and Friends for his 70th Birthday

A couple of weeks ago we had a very special invite to a very special party, Thomas the Tank engine was turning 70!

The boys were over the moon and very excited to be a part of such an iconic celebration. We boarded the train and travelled into London to the British Museum. Thomas was celebrating in style in one of the most beautiful buildings in London.



As we walked down the steps in the British Museum towards the Foyer where Thomas and The Fat Controller was there to greet everyone.

I think Oliver may have had a bit of celebrity shock, as he just stared at Sir Topham Hat and didn’t talk for a while . He just posed for a few photos with him and Thomas, I don’t think he was expecting to meet them in person.

There was lots of activities to keep the children happy, lots to see and do

There was a showing of  a Thomas and Friends episode in the auditorium on the big screen, so the boys and I went off to find some seats and settle down to watch the show.





DSC_0032 (1)_opt


Down on the stage was a miniature Thomas railway, the boys had fun watching the train go round the track.DSC_0055_opt

Once the film was over, a story-teller came on stage and told and interactive story about the Thomas and Friends, she got all of the audience involved with actions and shouting. The boys joined in with shouting out the characters names, they know them all! Rusty and Dusty was making everyone laugh by chasing each other around the theatre.

After the show was finished we headed out to the face painting stall.

Joseph had a moshling
Joseph had a moshling
Oliver getting his face painted
Oliver getting his face painted

Oliver decided on getting Percy painted on his face, and Joseph went for a moshling character. They were very good, just like little artistic drawings. Once their faces were painted they ran off into the birthday crowd to show off their little painted creations on their faces.

It wasn’t long before they found the creative area, where you could draw and colour a birthday card for Thomas, play with some toys or do some colouring in. The youngest quickly made himself comfortable at the front of the table and got to designing a card for Thomas. It was craft heaven, with a selection of coloured felts, glitter, pom poms and all stuff that sparkle. He spent a long time concentrating on his card, once he finished it was put amongst the other cards, that the children made, on the side for everyone to see,



Once he finished his card he moved on to colouring in a Thomas picture, I couldn’t get him away from the table! Even when Sir Topham Hat called out to everyone that they were going to bring out the cake, he didn’t budge! Not even to everyone singing Happy Birthday! He had to finish his picture for Thomas.

DSC_0047 (1)_opt


It wasn’t until I told him that he could get some cake, Did he decide that he had finished his colouring in. He was given some delicious cake and sat down to eat it whilst watching an episode of Thomas and Friends in the theatre.


I must say it was a very impressive cake, Joseph couldn’t believe the size of it!




The party was nearly over, we said our goodbyes and handed over a card to Sir Topham hat, who opened it up and placed at the front of Thomas.

The boys and I had a wonderful time mingling with friends, watching shows, colouring in and eating cake. The party couldn’t have been any better!

Thank you to Grayling PR for inviting us along to the party. All pictures and words are my own. 



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