Brushing teeth time

Why is it such a chore to get my boys to brush their teeth?
I have to ask them about 3 times and it’s so hard sometimes, what with the baby, to make sure that they are actually brushing their teeth let alone doing it right. First thing in the morning I put their toothpaste onto their brushes and when they are getting ready for bed I do the same, this way when Its time to brush my teeth I know if the paste is still there they haven’t done their own.
Anyway last night whilst having a soak in the bath, I called the boys in to brush their teeth, Jak did his without arguing but Joseph replied with the most annoying word ever
I told him that he had to brush his teeth to keep them healthy and clean.
“But Why! I already did it this morning”
I knew that whatever I answered he would only reply with ‘Why’ so instead I said
“because mummy might explode”
He looked at me, head tilted to one side, frowned. I could tell he was thinking and then he said
“Humans don’t explode, your not a volcano!”
“Mummy does Explode when her children don’t do what their told, i get steam coming from my ears and i go BANG!”
This made him laugh and funny enough it did make him brush his teeth.
Once his teeth were brushed he asked me if they was shiny, I nodded, then he said
“Now you won’t explode will you mummy!” and gave me a big kiss.


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