Bright colours for boys

I met up with my sister-in-law today, fir a little chat, cuddles withy adorable little niece and just for a little mooch about around the shops.
I didn’t intend on buying anything but fell in love with the gorgeous bright coloured clothes that are in the shops the moment.
As I have all boys I like to dress them smart casual clothes with a slight edge and a bit different to the tracksuits, jeans and t-shirts.
My children are not shy of wearing bright colours and Jak often asks if I can buy him pink or orange shirts.
Anyway, on my little mooch around I came across these and couldn’t resist!



The photo’s really don’t do the clothes justice, honestly they are adorable and so bright. Both jeans are soft denim so i know the boys are going to be comfortable.
The orange shirts are from Next and come in at £10
The blue skinny jeans are from Next and cost an unbelievable £14
The green skinny jeans are from H&M and cost £5.99, I know great eh!
What’s even better is that my Boys are quite small framed and they have adjustable waist lines, so I can adjust them to fit them.
They are such lovely spring colours, they have brightened up my day.

I absolutely love Shopping in H&M and Next for my boys clothes, they are best shops for affordable, trendy and fashionable clothes. I find that they wash up well too.

I showed them to the boys when I picked them up from school and they whooped with delight and can’t wait to wear them.
We are off to the LoliBop on Sunday so I think this will be the outfit they will be wearing 🙂
Oh I do love shopping for my boys!

Where do you buy your children’s clothes from?


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