Braces and Tops / Why I Heart Primark!

I had a recent well deserved shopping trip to Primark last week. There is nothing quite like a bit of retail therapy to cheer you up, also shopping in primark will not break the bank balance so it’s good to know that i can go there and buy some summer must haves for the boys and myself and keep to my monthly budget of spending.

I do like to splash the cash sometimes on special outfits but Primark is great for every day wear. I can even get clothes in there now to fit me as before it was very hard to find a size 6 on the rails, now they have loads of stock in my size. I used to have to buy a size 8 and do some adjustments to the waistine and leg but i dont need to get out the needle and cotton. Perfect!

Primark have lots of summer clothes in stock at the moment but as the sun has ben fighting to make an appearance i find it hard to spend my money on clothes that i may or may not get to wear, so i opted for buying some cool cotton trousers, t-shirts, jumper and a little cute summer dress which may i add can be worn with some leggings.

A pair of blue cotton slim line leg trousers with plaited braces and little pleats on the waistline

These trousers are perfect for a cool summers night or to wear during the day, team it up with a vest top or a shirt tucked in the trousers. Braces to be worn down not up. Trousers have a little turn up at the ankle. They feel so nice on and very comfortable. I’m on the look out for a gorgeous blue and white striped vest to go with it.

Blue, Red and white striped summer dress £10.00
I Heart London Cream Jumper £8.00
Florence and the Machine T-shirt

The dress has a nautical look to it and has a low front and back neckline with thin shoulder straps, ideal for a lovely hot day. It has a thin brown belt and i like that the material has stretch to it.

The jumper is absolutely gorgeous, i fell in love with these as soon as i saw it. I have a thing for the union jack theme at the moment, not that I’m patriotic, it’s just the colours i like and I adore London, living do close to the city means i get to go there every week. I love to walk the streets and look at all the buildings, i love the old architectural buildings and history that comes along with them. There is the iconic Taxi Cab on the front and the sleeves are wrist length, perfect top as a cover up or even to work out in as it quite a thin material.

The T-Shirt is a Florence And The Machine one, Simple, I adore the woman and love her songs. the material is very cool and looks fab on.

Cream cuffed ankle trousers with braces.

I adore these cotton trousers, they are just so comfortable and very versatile, can be worn with anything. The braces are elasticated and can be adjusted to suit. There are pleats on the front and slim pockets on the back. The ankles are cuffed and very soft. Very trendy and very fashionable, a must for everyone i say!

What do you think of my buys? I did also buy some plain bright coloured t-shirts, underwear and some cotton flared trousers but these were my favourite items which i thought i would share with you.

What do you splash the cash on?

Thank you for reading my post, hope you like it!


4 thoughts on “Braces and Tops / Why I Heart Primark!

  1. I love casual trousers with cuffs, particularly ones that stop just below the knee. So comfy. Going through a massive online shopping phase at the mo. Need to stop before I bankrupt us.

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