Boys Colour Pop at Next

I love all the bright colours out at the moment, especially for my boys. Wearing bright colours not only looks good but is a great idea to dress your children in when you are out and about, the brighter the better so that you can notice them quicker if they happen to roam away from you.

I have spoke in previous posts about the boys wearing bright and bold clothes so this time i would like to let you all know about the lovely range of shoes that next have to offer.

Brightly coloured shoes look super cute on teamed up with a of pair of skinny’s or summer shorts. The saying is we can tell alot about a person just by looking at their shoes, well i say any boy that wears these are adventurous, exciting, chatty, smiley and funny.

These shoes will brighten up any outfit while looking super stylish, all very summery colours and all bang on trend. The great thing about wearing bright colourful shoes is that they can be worn with dark coloured clothes and a good pair of shoes as they say make the outfit. We have some of the espadrilles and my son says that are so comfortable that he doesnt even feel like he is wearing them.

These are but a few of the many brightly coloured clothes on offer at Next that i would choose to team up with the shoes.

If your child is not keen on experimenting in wearing bright colours like red, pink and orange try them out with clothes that are blue and green but flourescent.


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