2 years ago I thought I lost my little boy, Joseph. I was standing on the street local to where I live talking to some friends who I had just bumped into, It was the summer holidays and I hadn’t seen them for a few days. The children of my friends and mine were happily playing and chatting away to each other, I must have got lost in conversation because the next moment we looked round, the children were nowhere to be seen. There was about 8 of them so I knew they couldn’t have gone far without been seen or heard. A second went by and BOO! they jumped out of the hedge of someones garden, I laughed said how scared I was and done a quick count of heads 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 no number 8, my Joseph wasn’t with them, “JOSEPH” I shouted, I did a quick scan of the street, nothing! I was asking my other son Jak where he had last seen his little brother, he said he was with them behind the hedge. I ran into the garden Nothing! I ran up the street Nothing! My friends were helping look for him, running from garden to garden shouting his name “JOSEPH, JOSEPH” he wasn’t answering, Where could he be? My heart was beating so fast I couldn’t breathe, I was shaking, my legs were beginning to become light and weak, I felt sick and mu mouth was dry. I had seen an ice-cream van drive past us earlier and I was beginning to think that maybe he could have followed it or even worse, so many thoughts were running through my head, bad thoughts, was he taken by someone? Is he hurt somewhere? Is he lost? Where could he be! I couldn’t stop the tears from weeping out of my eyes, how could I have taken my eyes off of him and then “HE’S HERE!” What! did i hear correctly! “I HAVE HIM!” My friend had found him, he was walking down another road around the corner from where we was. Three minutes had gone by from when the children had jumped out of the hedges to scare us and it was the longest three minutes I had ever encountered. I grabbed him and held him so tight, my baby, I had my baby in my arms, he wasn’t lost, he had just wandered off into the wrong direction looking for me.

I was the lucky one, it was a horrible experience to go through, one I would never wish upon anyone but there is a family out there at the moment who are not so lucky, they are still searching for their little girl and it’s that little girls birthday today 12th May, she is 9 years old.

I write this post as a part of a campaign to continue to raise awareness of Madeleine’s disappearance, in the hope that she will be found and returned to where she belongs, with her family. Madeleine is 9 years old today, which is why this post and so many others by other bloggers was published at 9am, to coincide with her birthday.

Madeleine McCann

Born 12th May 2003

Went missing whilst on a family holiday in Praia Da Luz, Portugal on 3rd May 2007

The above photograph is a new age-progression image of what Madeleine may look like now.

If you see or have seen a young girl that resembles this or know of anyone who was involved in her abduction please contact

The lead organisers of this blogging campaign are amummysview and teaandbiscotti, both of these lovely caring ladies are hoping to get this campaign global so please share this post however you can via facebook, twitter, google+, email etc.

There is a link available on www.britmums.com where you would be able to read all of the posts involved in this #Bloggingformadeleine campaign

Thank you so much for reading 🙂


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  1. wow that must have been horrendous, I dread that happening I truly do, your kids are your world and that’s why I had to do something to help the McCann’s, they need answers, they need Maddie back. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this post and support #blogging4madeleine. Lets hope this year is the year she is found x

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