Blogging MindBlock



So i’ve sat around all day and night thinking what i can write as my next post.

Ive made a list of possible things i can write about but he more i look at them the more im thinking Naaaah!

I shake my head and put my head in my hands in despair.

I Have MindBlock / Writers Block

I mean its hard enough trying to write my thoughts down and trying to put it into words without having the extras of the boys hanging around me, each one of them desperately trying to get my attention. My house is like a mad house.

I have a 9 year old trying to talk to me about Space and explaining to me what Kepler 22/B is, I just look at him and nod my head trying to look interested


“Ooooh really”


But really i’m thinking is ‘What can i write about what others want to read’.

I tell my son to go and read his science book and get back to thinking


I have a 4 year old that jumps all over me asking for a juice or saying

“I’m hungry”

So off i go to the kitchen, where i spend most of my time i must add, to do as the young master required.

As i think I’m going to get some peace and quiet my 5 month old starts crying and shouting, he needs his bottle and when a baby needs feeding they need feeding, there is no “can you wait a minute” or “here play with you favourite toy” OH NO it has to be done NOW!

So i make his bottle and sit down to feed him.

Ten minutes later i have a happy baby who is talking away to himself.  So i set myself up with laptop in hand and I’m ready.

Or am I?

All day long i have put finger to buttons and typed so many titles to a post only to delete them, all that is going through my head is ‘will people really want to read that?’

My head is like a washing machine, i have loads of ideas going round and round my little head and all becoming muddled up


OOOOH I feel a bit better now.

I was told once that if you feel like screaming just do it because it allows your head to clear and helps to release all the emotions inside of you.

*Go on give it a go!*

It surprisingly helps.

So now i have a slightly clearer head and the boys are looking at weirdly with a worried look on their faces, thinking what is happening to their mummy.

I look at them and it dawns on me, what does it matter if no one reads my blog or no one likes what i write because I didn’t set it up for them, it was for me and my boys. I think i got carried away with trying to get an audience and that’s not what it’s about. Don’t get me wrong i want lots of people to read and enjoy what i write or look at my pictures and i love getting comments from people i have never met.

So i will go back to my list that i originally wrote and i will write about my boys, crafts and recipes and i will include my boys into it that way they get me and i get to write.

We are all different and we all have something to say!


4 thoughts on “Blogging MindBlock

  1. I agree, and your blog is so like so many days in my life that it brought a smile to my face and many memories x

  2. I think if you write from the heart and about things that genuinely interest you, you’ll always have an audience. I love reading about your boys!

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