Being kissed by a hundred fish

Ever wanted a foot massage by fish?

Now i love fish but put them anywhere near my feet I slightly freak out, I can’t even walk into the sea and relax because of the fear of having fish swim by me.

We recently had a holiday to Malta and on an evening walk through the busy streets of Bugibba we came across The Fish Lounge. A spa that is all about the fish and your feet.

Everyone gets a personal dedicated spa unit which was specifically designed for this type of treatment with a powerful UVC-filtration system, which filters and sterilizes all the water every 6 minutes. In each unit there are over  hundred Garra Rufa fish swimming around waiting for feet to give a natural pedicure to as they gently suck away unwanted dead skin and clean the pores, leaving your feet feeling much softer, refreshed and healthy.

As soon as your feet enter the unit the little garra rufa fish immediately start sucking away at your dead skin1439626104002Before the fish massage can begin you have your feet washed and checked over for any little marks by a trained member of staff, they are then dried and placed into a pair of disposable over-shoes. You are then walked over to meet the little lovely darlings who are about to kiss your feet.

Now as I am completely not comfortable having fish near my feet I wasn’t very willing to place my feet into the unit. It did take a few attempts, especially after watching the OH face as his feet entered the water. Now he isn’t afraid of anything, but his face and the noise that came from his mouth said otherwise, although he said it didn’t hurt it just tickled.

The member of staff had to push my feet in, and as soon as they was in, the little suckers were like magnets to my feet and wouldn’t leave them be. All I can say, is that they must have been hungry!


I wouldn’t just say it tickles at first, as the fish keep moving around your feet, it can only be described as weird! It didn’t hurt not did i think it tickled. It was more like lots of little mouths doing lots of little strong sucks on your skin, now will I say that it is relaxing!


Although I am smiling in the above picture, take a close look at my hands. That is how they stayed for the whole 15 minutes, tightly clenched together. i may have dug my nails into my palms just take the odd feeling away.

It was funny and it definitely was an experience to talk about, and i would definitely have it done again, just not anytime soon!

Our middle boy, who is 8 wanted to try it out too, so we allowed him to have ago at the end of the holiday.

I must say my feet did feel soft after and the skin felt a little tight the next day, but it was good experience and I am glad i did it.

Have you ever had a foot massage by fish?


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