Baby’s first steps video

He’s done it! oliver is now taking his first steps!

At every chance he gets he toddles around, they may only be about 8/10 steps but their steps right? So in my eyes my little bubba is walking. I am so proud of him, he’s 10 months old and he is starting to walk, I feel quite emotional. For one i have a baby who is walking and loves doing it, he beams like a cheshire cat while he is toddling and i love watching him doing it but on the other hand I feel like i have lost my baby, The baby that depended on me 24 hours a day,the baby that loved to sit on my lap and have cuddles, now i have a toddler!

I videod him toddling about in his grandads garden yesterday, it was his first time in attempting to walk on the grass and he done so well. he loved all the attention he got from everyone watching him and not shy of pleasing others everytime he fell to the floor he just stood back up and got on with his toddling.



4 thoughts on “Baby’s first steps video

  1. that’s just brilliant 🙂 our little one took some steps with a walker yesterday for the first time and we were both beaming so I imagine how you feel watching those first real steps, and yes in my eyes that is definitely walking

    1. Thank you for commenting. He knows he’s doing something to make us smile as he looks at me with a big grin on his face all the time. He is now managing to walk across our living room. Well done to your little one for walking with the walker, won’t be long and they will be toddling too 🙂

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