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I found a lovely social leading babycare website last week on Twitter, called BabyHuddle. It’s a fun supportive community for parents or soon to be parents to come together by helping each other out by recommending products in a way of a list.

Once registered you can:                                                                           

-make up lists of products to suggest to others  Ie: Breast feeding products or Best travelling products                                                       

-Read other lists that have been uploaded                                             

-Help other parents out by leaving a review for a product                   

-Shop for new products for your baby                                                    

-Ask baby related questions to others

I have created a list of products that i find to be useful when i am out and about with my children.

What sort of travelling we do!

As a family, once a year we hike up Mount Snowdon with children in tow and we can spend up to 4 hours in the car travelling to our destinations.

The children attend auditions up in London regularly.

Once a week i travel to London on the underground with my baby who is 6 months old and need items to be lightweight, Durable, Convenient, Comfortable and Quick.

“I love the sunshine kids stroller fan, especially in the summer, it came in very handy when we had our baby in the summer. We had a few hot days so I attached it to the buggy to keep the baby cool. The fan is quiet and is protected by a cage so little fingers don’t get to the blades. It has a big clip which is handy as I attached it not only to his buggy but to his car seat and cot too.”

“As a family we do lots of holidaying in the country, we love to hike up mountains and go walking in the dales. This back carrier is light weight and comfortable for parent and child. Our son loves being in his one and says he is the ‘king of the castle’ in it. We like that it has a folding stand, perfect for rests on our hikes.”

“I absolutely adore this changing bag, it has to be the best baby product i have bought. It is cute and bang on trend in fashion. It has loads of pockets to store your everyday baby needs in. It comes with a changing mat and wet bag that you store your baby wipes in. I love the little mirror that is attached inside, perfect for those little moments of powdering your nose. I take this bag everywhere with me and it doubles up as my handbag. I take a weekly trip into london with m,y children taking them to auditions and i fit everything i need into this bag.”

“This is perfect for food on the go especially as now i am in the process of weaning my baby. I love the design .”


“i love these dribble bibs, they look adorable but also catch-all of those little dribbles from the baby when they are teething. I love the idea that it has a little teddy bear on the front as it doubles up as a toy for baby to play with when they are sitting in the pram.”

“Using the underground system in London for any parent with children is not easy and get very stressful, especially when you have a young child in a buggy. This stroller is perfect, its lightweight, can be carried on and off of the trains and easy for me to carry up the stairs, without doing my back in! It reclines, folds away easily, has storage and is strong what more does a mum on the go need!”

“When out and about with my kids it gives me a sense of security to know that I can lock up my buggy/stroller with this lock, it’s strong and safe and has a foam around it which stops it from scratching the buggy.”

“My baby loves these teething links. I link them up to his buggy/stroller and they keep him amused for hours. They come in bright colours and can be used on their own or linked together, prefect for teething and at a good price. Good value for money!”

“I like to make my baby’s bottles fresh and this flask is perfect to store the hot water in. It fits into my changing bag perfectly and has a spout/quick stop seal which is great for on the go parents, can be done with one hand.”

“We travel at least four times a year driving to the lakes, mountains or beaches and sometimes are in the car for up to 6 hours. My elder sons always say “are we there yet” and we tell them to go to sleep and when they wake we will be at our holiday destination. I love that the design is a night-time theme and it saves the kiddies from waking with a stiff neck (sometimes i pinch it from them lol) It’s both comfy and safe.”

Why not try it for yourself and make a list of items you could suggest to other parents who are in similar situations to yourself!


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