Baby Giggles video and brotherly bond

I would just like to share with you all the beautiful giggles from Oliver, it made me smile so hopefully it will make you smile too.

Joseph was playing with him, by spitting out a toy and Oliver thought it to be so amusing that he went into a fit of giggles each time he done it. It was so cute to watch, i love to see my boys playing and enjoying each others company. I love the bond that they all have and take delight in watching them grow and learn together. We do have the odd arguments and fights but they always kiss and make up so i really do hope that their close relationship carries on once they are teenagers and young men. Jak my eldest who is 9 is older than his age he is very caring and is always looking out for his younger brothers and has taken to the role of big brother brilliantly. He holds Joseph’s hand down the street and cuddles his brothers when they are upset. I do hope that there brotherly bond is unbreakable and o ly grows with them in strength as they get older.



4 thoughts on “Baby Giggles video and brotherly bond

  1. Aw that sounds so cute, i had such an up and down relationship with my sister as children but we’re the best of friends now. I think that plays a big part in me wanting another child as i want Riley to experience the same ‘sibling’ relationship himself xxx

    1. I was very close to my sister when I was younger and my mum makes sure that all her children get along and has never allowed us to Argue with each other. A good bond will last forever and Riley will love having a little brother or sister to play with 😉
      I love that my boys enjoy each others company x x

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