Baby Basics With Mamas & Papas

According to the Nursery Retailer Mamas & Papas new parents are feeling the financial pressure with buying the day to day essentials you need once you have had a new baby, so using their parenting expertise Mamas & Papas have handpicked a list of everyday quality essentials that will be needed for those first few precious months.

As a parent to a 19 month old and 2 older children I can fully understand how concerning it can be to budget for a new baby, I already had most of the essential nursery equipment from my previous children and yet I still worried about how much having a new baby was going to set us back.

Most Soon to be new parents spend years saving up their money in order to have a baby, it can be stressful and worrying thinking about how much money you will need. Mamas & Papas have derived a list to help you prepare for your new arrival with the baby essentials consisting of 21 items for sleeping, feeding, clothing and moving all for just £717!

Unbelievable! I know just what I thought!

One of my prams that I bought cost £700 and the cot set us back £150 so how on earth could I possible buy all of the essentials for just over £700. I couldn’t see it possible until I looked at the lost myself and I was pleasantly surprised with their list. They had covered the most important items with a pram, cot and car seat, the clothing is the basic what you will need so you will have to rely on the gifts you will receive for the fancy outfits.


 Aton.Car Seat – Black Jack £120

Pram / Pushchair Luna £159

Changing Mat Bedtime Hugs £14

Bouncer Bubble Bouncer £19.95


Cot Bibi £105

Mattress Basic Foam Mattress 200 £35

Sheet 2 Cot/Bed Fitted Sheets (70x142cm) Cream £19

Blanket Cellular Cot/Bed Blanket Cream £12

Monitor Motorola Digital Baby Monitor MBP11 £35

Sleep Bag Bedtime Hugs Dreampod 0-6 Months £18


All In One 3 Pack All In One White £14

Baby Socks 5 Pack Essential Socks White £10

Scratch Mitts Essentials 2 Pack Mitts Cream £4

Hats Essentials 2 Pack Hats Cream £8

Cardigans Knitted Star Cardigan – Welcome to the World £24

Pramsuit Essentials Velour Spot Pramsuit Cream £32

Bodysuits 5 Pack Sleeveless Bodysuits £10

Booties Fur Booties £8


Steriliser Equipment Tommee Tippee – Closer to Nature – Electric Steriliser Kit £50

Muslin Squares Muslin Squares White £12

Bibs 3 Pack Bibs £8

Total £717

I think Mamas & Papas have covered all the essential items that will be needed for the first few months with good quality products at affordable prices, although I would have liked to see a baby bath on there too! It’s not everything that will be needed but its definitely a very good start!

Find out more about the Baby Basic List here

What do you think of the list? Would you stick to this list to save money or is there anything you think that they have missed off?



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