Babies first trip to the swimming pool



Mummy and Daddy was talking in the room where mummy brings all that lovely tasting food from, she spends a lot of her time in there.
I was rolling around the floor, trying to do that thing they call ‘crawling’ i’m not sure what it is but whenever I put my knees up and move my hands, mummy always shouts out
“Daddy, quick come look at Oliver he is crawling”
My big brothers are running around and jumping all over me shouting
“yippee yippee, we’re going swimming”
I look at them and smile, they always make me laugh
Now, I’m not sure what swimming is but mummy is now picking me up and putting my coat on and telling my brothers to get into the car.
Daddy is running round the house looking for something called goggles, he finds them, I think that they look really scary.
Once in the car, i cry a bit because i feel a bit cold and uncomfortable in my car seat, daddy puts the music on,he always does this when I cry. I don’t know why but whenever I cry I get a lovely cuddle from my mummy.
A feel a bit sleepy so I close my eyes, listening to the lovely sound that the car is making.
I must have fallen asleep because I wake to mummy carrying me out side, I can see a big building and my brothers are running off in front of us. We go through these big moving things and see a lady sitting down mummy hands her a piece of paper, I smile at the lady but I dont think she has noticed me as she doesn’t smile back.
Daddy takes my brothers off and I stay with mummy, she takes me into a room and starts to undress me, it must be bed time!
Oh! I’m wrong she’s putting a nappy on me, it’s not like my normal nappies, it’s blue and has little yellow birds on it, like the ones I play with at bath-time.
Mummy gets changed while she is holding me with one arm, she’s clever my mummy!
Mummy tells me that we are ready but first she has to put our clothes into a locker, she opens up this big metal cage and puts in our things, I do hope we can get them back, as I’ve become quite attached to my socks, they taste good!
We walk over to a BIG bath
I can see my brothers playing with each other and just about make out Daddy moving up and down in the water.
Mummy gets into the bath and dips me in
Oooh it’s called! Not like my baths at home
I don’t understand why all these people are bathing with me, but I like it!
I start to move my arms and legs, it feels good
My brother comes over and throws water at me, mummy tells him off, it scares me a bit and I get a bit upset, I have a wet face now!
Out of no where the goggles come out of the water
Oh no there coming to get me!
I grab hold of mummy tightly, she will save me!
Hold on they look a bit like my big brother,
Yes! It’s Jak!
The goggles are on my big brothers face, he looks funny and it makes me laugh. I reach out and grab him by the face
Aaah my brother! I love him! He always gives me good cuddles when I am upset, he makes me feel warm inside, and sometimes I fall asleep on him.
I am having fun in the water playing with my brothers, mummy says I am like a duck to water, I have no idea what she is going on about but ducks must have lots of fun and excitement because I am enjoying this so much.
Daddy comes over and takes me away from mummy, I like being with daddy, he throws me around and pulls me through the water, I get excited and kick my legs, lots of water goes up in the air.
I squeal with delight!
Mummy says it’s time to get out, she says my lips have gone blue
I don’t want to leave the water, I’m having fun but it is a bit cold.
I cry when she takes me away from the water, if I kick my legs and scream she might put me back in, it doesn’t work!
Instead Mummy wraps me up in a big fluffy thing, it feels a bit like my favourite teddy bear, it makes me feel very warm and cosy.
The big metal thing gave mummy my socks back and she got me dressed, I wriggled about on the changing mat, it feels very cold!
Mummy says that my first trip to the swimming baths was a success, i do hope that means we will be coming back as it is so much better than having a bath on my own!
I feel a bit tired now, I think I may just close my eyes.



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