Babies 8 Month Old Milestone Development

Oliver is now 8 months olds, so what has he been getting up to since his last milestone post.

He is still not walking but has become much more sturdy and stronger on his little feet. He is now becoming more confident to stand alone with out support but he still is a bit wobbly. He can get around the furniture with ease and is just becoming a little bit more confident to let go of one chair and take a little step to the next one. We have had quite a few bumps from him doing this but with a little rub he’s off to explore again.

He has started to clap his hands when he is excited especially when the his big brothers are playing around with him. He also likes to shake his head from side to side trying to make his brothers laugh.

His crawling has improved tenfold he is such a fast little mover, not only can he get everywhere on the floor but he also is climbing now too. I am having to remind the boys to keep the living room door shut as I have caught him a few times half way up the stairs, which reminds me i must get out the stair gate. He will no longer sit in his walker and play as he can climb out of that too, i have tried raising it up to the highest level but that doesn’t stop him as he pulls up his little feet to under his bottom and pushes his way out that way.

He loves to listen to stories, it probably is the only time he actually sits still. His favourite book at the moment is ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ by Giles Andreae, he loves looking at the pictures and tries to turn the pages. He loves to play Peek-a-boo, it has him in fits of giggles, he even bobs up and down to join in.

Oliver has an activity centre and walker that he enjoys to push along whilst walking, which helps him to steady his steps. When he isn’t pushing it along the length of the living room he is playing with the activities on it, pushing buttons, turning cogs, spinning wheels, picking up the phone and placing it back into its slot, making music on the piano and flipping the butterflies wings, it fascinates him and keeps him amused for ages.

He loves to feed himself and there is nothing that he wont eat, he is yet to cut a tooth but that doesn’t stop him from eating adult food. He loves his fruit, vegetables and meat and i no longer puree it up for him, he enjoys eating with his fingers. Favourite meals are Sunday Dinner, Porridge, fish and chips and strawberries.

He understands what the word ‘No’ is and knows his name when it is being called. Oliver is starting to say the odd words like ‘mama’ ‘dadda’ ‘yeah’ ‘nanna’ and ‘babba’

Oliver is going through separation and stranger anxiety. he has become extremely attached and clinging to me and only wants me to hold him, he goes shy when people talk to him and hides his face into my shoulder or hides behind my legs. Grandad came to visit over the holidays and he cried when he spoke to him, Grandad lives in Yorkshire so he doesn’t see him often and he also has a different accent to us. Oliver constantly needs to know that i am around and if he does allow someone to hold him he has to have me in his sight.

In last months development post i said i was hoping to report that the baby would probably be walking or maybe have some teeth but seeing as that has not happened yet, i am hoping for that to come next month.

What games will Oliver enjoy playing next month, will i be buying him some walker shoes and will we be brushing little teeth instead of his gums?


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  2. Wow he is doing well for 8 months! My little man is quite happy sat on his bum and doesn’t look likely to crawl or walk anytime soon! Best get babyproofing!

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