Babies 7 Month Milestone

Dear Baby!

You are now 7 months old and already such a clever little bubba. It always seems to amaze at the rate of how much you are learning. You are very alert and love to crawl around the floor following me from room to room, pulling at my trouser leg to get my attention. You can crawl so fast now i cant keep up with you. Playtime with your big brothers is favourite of yours, rolling around and giggling with them, one big bundle on the the floor. As you are so mobile, i have had to go round the house childproofing it, not that it wasn’t already but just being extra careful hiding away the wires, pickinh up pieces of lego and covering any sharp corners.

You are learning so many new skills and everyday you have something new to share with us, just like today you are standing there up against the furniture only holding on with one hand, smiling at me telling me how clever you are.

You love your food and feed 3 times a day now. You did favour sweet food over savoury but i have now got you eating sweet potato, leek, carrots and swede next we will have to try spag bol and sheperds pie.

Being my 3rd child i have realised that you all learn at a different pace. I wish i had done a milestone chart with the other two, as i am finding it hard to remember what they did at certain ages

So here is your 7 month milestone chart

  • Sits confidently without any support
  • Passes objects from one hand to another
  • Stands holding onto something – still a bit wobbly though, but you will master it soon
  • Pulls your self to standing up and then sits back down
  • You crawl around
  • Bang objects together, loving the sound it makes the noisier the better
  • You recognise your food bowl when it’s feeding time
  • Crawls from sitting position
  • You use your pincer grasp to pick up tiny objects
  • You experienced stranger anxiety only yesterday when you didnt recognise a friend of mine in our house
  • You love to eat with your fingers, i think you enjoy getting messy
  • You put your arms out when you want to be picked up
  • You turn around when your name is called, alwasy with a smile may i add
  • You are starting to understand the word ‘No’, most of the time you look at me with your bottom lip out when you are told no
  • Cries for daddy when he comes home for work, then followers him around until he picks you up for a cuddle
  • You enjoy playing with cars
  • You are beginning to climb over objects on the floor and through the pop up play tunnel
  • Sleeps through the night (not when your ill and teething though
  • Loves a game of peek-a-boo
  • Smiles at everyone

What can i look forward to next month?

A tooth!

A first step!

I am looking forward to finding out X


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