Autumn Reindeer Craft

Whilst out walking through the park the other day the boys collected a variety of leaves, read about our leaf hunt here.
Joseph noticed that one of the leaves looked like Reindeer Antlers and that he wanted to make a picture with them.

When we got home we emptied out our bag of leaves onto the floor and took a good look at all of the different shapes and colours of them. We had found big ones, small ones, long ones, star shaped ones, red, orange, brown, green and yellow ones. The boys were soon sticking them down onto paper making their autumn pictures.

Joseph made a Reindeer


He added a bit of glitter and stars to his picture as he says it makes it look all Christmassy 🙂

Jak made a Devil


These pictures make a good gift ideas which they have had lots of fun doing.
We turned an outdoor activity into an indoor one!

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