An embarrassing Moment

Have you ever left the house with your slippers and not realised until you got to the shops?
Or even, done the ultimate embarrassing moment when you have walked out of the toilets with your skirt tucked in your knickers or left with a trail of toilet paper stuck to your shoe?

Everyone experiences embarrassing moments but for me they seem to be something that happens a lot.

In the summer I wore one of my lovely summer dresses, it was a warm day but slightly windy. The boys had finished school and we was on our way to take Joseph to his weekly gymnastic club, it’s not far from where we lived so we decided to walk.
It was gradually getting windier and windier and I was fighting with my floaty, full circle skirt, to keep it down, WHEN as I turned the corner a big gush of wind came along and Yes, my skirt came all the way above my head showing the group of young lads and elderly man behind me my bare bottom. Yes, I was wearing G strings and yes, I was very embarrassed! I had to tie my sons jumper around my waist to keep the wind from blowing it up again lol

I was at the Cinema at the weekend with the boys, it was very busy with lots of families all awaiting to watch the screening of a movie. I was just about to walk up the stairs with a queue of people behind me, when I wanted to check the time, do I reached into my inside pocket of my coat. I was holding into Oliver’s hand and people were trying to get passed me , I pulled out my phone but of coarse that wasn’t the only thing I pulled out! Yep, I pulled out a sanitary towel aswell (clean may i add)  it dropped onto the floor in front of everyone. I hadn’t realised until someone, trying to be helpful said “excuse me Love I think you dropped something!” I looked down, blushed as soon as I noticed what it was, picked it up and rushed off thanking the man for pointing it out.

I’ve left the house with squashed shreddies on my bottom and not noticed until hour later in the day, i do ask myself why no one pointed it out to me.

One of my boys have taken out a tampax out of my bag asking if they can eat the sweet.

I’ve run across the road shouting at someone who i believed who to be a friend of mine only to find out after banging on the car windowscreen of where the person was sitting, that it was not who i thought it was in the first place.

What embarrassing moment have you had?



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