A view on Bullying by my 9 year old


There can be two types of bullying : mental bullying or physical bullying.

Mental bullying is to lower someones confidence, for example saying about their weight. My friend was mentally bullied until I stepped in and told the teacher in private and she had a word with the class so the bullying stopped.

Physical bullying is kicking or punching someone to hurt them. To notice if your child is being bullied you could look for bruises also they could be quitting their hobbies such as running or your child may not have an appetite anymore, they could necome quieter than normal and just spen all their time in there bedroom.

I was bullied a few years ago in school because I was small. I felt afraid because the bullies were in year 6 so they were much bigger than me that’s why I was relieved when they left for senior school.

When my son emailed me this piece of written work it made me see how much of a grown up boy he is. He is so caring and thoughtful and such a clever little boy, I as an adult could learn alot from him.

I have parents evening to attend next week so i am looking forward to hearing what his teachers have to say about him. I believe he is an inspirational little boy, well mannered and considerate and always thinking of others.

I remeber him coming home telling me he was getting bullied, funny enough they were girls. He had long wavy hair at the time and he got called girly and ugly. He used to cry but never once did he say he didnt want to go in to school, i was lucky as my son is a confident little boy and wasnt afraid to tell the teacher of what was happening to him but some children do keep it to themselves and suffer alone.

I am pleased to hear that he sticks up for others and not scared to tell teachers of what he can see happening around him.

I hope you all enjoy reading this post as much as i did, he certainly knows how to tug at my heart.


9 thoughts on “A view on Bullying by my 9 year old

    1. He is a brilliant role model, it was only this morning I was telling him that I know his younger brothers are going to be good little boys as they have him to look up to.

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  2. What a sweet boy! You must be really proud. It’s so important for kids to realise that if other children won’t stand by and accept bullying it will generally stop.

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