A tiresome day 4/365

Today I spent at least 4 hours in the hospital clinic for a check up. After having my bloods taken and waiting for the results I was told that my white blood cells are low. Nothing to be worried about as since I started my treatment in May my cells have been up and down. I just have to look after myself a little more and boost up my immune system as well as my weight.

It’s the longest I have been up on my feet for the past 2 months and it has completely whacked me out. Every bone and muscle in my body aches. 

At the moment I have my MUM staying with me, helping with the children and nursing me back to health. 

Mum’s have got to be the best medicine ever!

As soon as the eldest came home from school he began cooking up a recipe from Gousto. These boxes are brilliant. Especially for those who want to try new recipes. The eldest has grown to love cooking and really enjoys following the recipes and creating mouth watering food.

Today he made Chipotle Burgers with rustic chips. It’s not the best photo but I can confirm that it was very tasty.


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