A Special Bond With my Boys

When I found out that my first born was going to be a boy I was slightly unnerved and a little freaked out. What did I know about raising a child? Let alone a Boy! What did I know about boys? Would I be able to understand him and guide him in the right direction to manhood?

I had heard about the sayings that little girls had special bonds with their daddies and little boys bonded well with their Mummies. I was hoping that this would be true, But I just couldn’t foresee it.

I’m not really a girly girl but am so far away from being in touch with my male side; I don’t know a thing about football, I couldn’t talk politics and wasn’t really an outdoor person. Give me an evening with a bowl of ice-cream and a chick flick and I would be happy.

But I had nothing to worry about. The moment I held my first born, I felt that instant connection – as I did with my other two boys.

A Mother’s love.

I can not compare the relationship that I have with my boys to what I could have with a daughter, Perhaps it would be the same. But, I do know that people have commented on how close my boys are to me and that they have a different relationship with their Father.

All three of my boys have different personalities but they all share the deepest and most sweetest love for me, of which they will show affectionately in public.

When my middle boy was younger he used to say that he was going to marry me and that he would always live with his Mummy. How sweet is that? I tease him now that he is older with what he used to say and he just smiles and says that it’s true – he will never leave Mummy.

I am so in love with all three of my boys. Each one of them with their special qualities and each one of them makes my heart beat faster. I never thought that it could be possible to love someone as much as I love them.

I take my youngest to football practice and matches every week, but I don’t understand a thing about the sport. Yet, he will talk to me for hours about the tricks that he did whilst out on the pitch or the goal that he got in ‘Top Bins’ (BTW I have no idea what that means). He will place his head on my shoulders at the end of the day, his fingers twiddling with my hair, and tell me how much that he loves me.

My middle boy is the most caring of them all and wears his heart on his sleeve. He is a very sensitive boy. Out of all three of the boys he is the one that is closer to his Dad. At 12 years old, nearly a teenager, he is growing up to be a respectful young man. He enjoys running, cycling and climbing. All things that I can not relate to, as I am not a sporty person. He starts every day giving me huge hug in the kitchen and finishes it with hugging me before bedtime. Out of the three of them, he is the one that yearns the need for love a little bit more. I think it’s hard being a middle child, he had so much to prove to his siblings, parents and to himself. He wants to make me proud and is always asking me if I am proud of him. He doesn’t see that that he doesn’t need to be top of the class in school or be the best at running to make me proud. I am proud of the young man that he is becoming. His smile warms my heart. He is always telling me how pretty I am and how good I look in new outfits. He is very good at giving compliments and when I am not feeling very well he will always be the one that holds my hand or rub my back after a hard day at work.

My eldest is the quietest of them all and will often spend all day in his bedroom working hard on achieving his high grades for school. My sweet little boy who had to sleep by his Mum’s side every night is now turning into a sweet young man. He never leaves the house without giving me a kiss and even if he is just going round the corner to the shop he will call out bye to me. My son enjoys running and every race he has been in he will always come to me once he’s finished and give me the biggest hug, It almost feels like he is racing for me.

We have moments of madness in the kitchen where we will all dance to music, laughing and giggling. Their father often looking at us and wondering what we are doing. The boys will bake cakes or offer to cook dinner with me, just so that they are spending time with me. We skip down the road and hold hands. They protect me from coming from any harm.

I am not a confident swimmer and every year when we are on holiday they will be by my side in the ocean swimming alongside me giving me encouragement. To see this just makes my love grow even deeper for them.

The bond I have with my boys is simply special. We do not share the same interests or hobbies but they are my best friends. I am their advisor and protector.

The moment I became a Mother to my boys I became the richest person alive.

As they grow older I know I will hold a special place in their hearts, as they do In mine. I am hoping that I have taught them how to Love unconditionally, selflessly and free.


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