A Snowy World Book Day

It’s the 1st March, otherwise known as World Book Day. A day where chidlren all over dress up as their favourite book characters.

Today schools up and down the country closed due to heavy snow fall. The children have been looking forward to dressing up for the past few weeks. No one could have anticipated that World Bok day would actually become a national ‘No School Snow Day’

As soon as the children heard that school was closed, they immediately got upset; not because they would be missing lessons. No, it was because they wanted to show off their outfits. So, Even though the school has postponed World Book Day, it hasn’t stopped my boys still adorning their outfits today and going out into the snow for a little photo shoot.

This year the boys opted for Newt Scamandar and Peter Rabbit

If your school closed today, did your children still get dressed up?


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