A poem for my baby/I love you

I Look into your eyes and i am sure i have seen them before,

Is it in your brother’s, dad’s or my eyes, I’m really not sure!

I love how when your drinking your milk you like to touch my hair,

Sometimes you do pull a bit hard, but i don’t really care!

You are such a happy baby, with a gorgeous smile upon your face,

It’s hard not to squeeze you tightly and hold onto the embrace.

Your growing up so fast, learning lots of new things everyday,

soon you will be toddling around, learning to balance and trying not to sway.

Your quite a mummy’s boy, you love to cuddle up and be close to me,

I don’t mind you being clingy because in a selfish way it makes me feel very happy.

You may be my third child, but for me the love is just the same,

each one of you individuals, yet so alike, the only difference for me is your name.

You are the reason i am here, to love, cherish, nurse and adore you,

when i’m feeling down a smile from you brings me through.

I love every inch of you, from your forehead to the tip of your toe,

To me you are my unbelievable beautiful beau.

I love your chubby little hands and feet,

Without you my life would be incomplete.

To Oliver, my little cute, adorable, clever 9 month old

I promise to be there for you through the good times and the bad, to hold

your hand in trouble times and to never stop loving you x x


4 thoughts on “A poem for my baby/I love you

  1. This is so nice. I can’t help but think that your boys are going to cherish your blog when they get older. They’ll have so many nice things to look back on and see how much their mummy loved them. x

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