A Moment of Pleasure A Lifetime Of Love

I am most certainly proud of all three of my boys, every time i look at them i am suddenly bowled over with how much i love and cherish them! I am so very proud of everything that they do and am always giving them encouragement and guidance in what every they do! I never felt such a strong emotion of proudness prior to being a parent, my boys have opened my eyes to a whole new world!

There are those specific moments when i feel highly honored to be there mum, they are such a credit to me and their Dad I sometimes have to pinch myself as i feel like my life’s a dream!

My boys have achieved so much in their short lives so far, they are patient and kind, they are honest and fair, they are respectful and dedicated! They have so much creativity and talent, they strive to meet goals to fulfilled their dreams! They are inspirational and ambitiousness!

They make me smile, they warm my heart, they make me cry, they take my breath away, they are my treasures!

They are my gift, my life and my love!

My eldest has made so proud and he is only 10 years old! There isn’t anything that he can not achieve, he tries his best to succeed in whatever he does and puts his heart and soul into it too.

In the last year my boys have brought tears to my eyes many times, with their words, actions, development and success.

Today my eldest found out he has been voted to represent his school as a school councillor, the moment he told me i held my breath for the fear of hearing the wrong news, he fought hard for his spot putting in a lot of effort and time into his speech so I am so proud that he got it.

In the past year my boys have appeared in adverts; magazines; newspapers; websites, they have learnt to walk, talk, read and write, They have secured spots in theatre productions and have grown into lovely handsome young men!

They have lovely relationships with each other and are very loving boys, they are just perfect!




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