A day of crabbing

The boys and I have been staying at Nannys house for a few days, she lives near Burnham-on-Crouch. The sun was shining yesterday so we decided to have a day out down by the river, we went to the boys uncles house first as he was coming along with us and we all walked down to the river crouch. We walked along the river side until we came to a long jetty where children were grabbing, my brother had brought along his line and some chunky bits of bacon. We found a god spot on the jetty, put the bacon in the net at the end of the crabbing line and threw it out into the river making sure the bacon touched the bottom. Within minutes the boys had caught there very first crab, they was so excited, Jak pulled the line out of the river and there clinging to the net was a crab we put it into the bucket of water and threw the line back in. After 15 minutes they had caught a total of 15 crabs.


The boys had lots of fun, Oliver wasn’t sure what to think of the little crawling creatures with there big pincers but it didn’t stop him from trying to grab at them. Joseph was a little scared of the fast moving water if the river but he soon plucked up the courage to stand near the edge and look over when Jak pulled in the crabs.


Once finished uncle Lol threw them all back in to the river along with all of the bacon that we had brought with us.
It was a great day out down by the river bed and Jak has now decided he wants to enter into the yearly crabbing competition held in Burnham on Crouch in a few weeks time.


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5 thoughts on “A day of crabbing

  1. How brilliant! We are lucky enough to live by the sea now, so this is one of our favourite activities. If you ever come to Whitstable in Kent,do look us up and we can go crabbing together. My 4-year-old son would be delighted! P.S. I’ve just added a tide table to my blog, so it’s easy to check tides http://letsgocrabbingmum.com/tide-table/

    1. Brilliant I will definitely let you know when we’re in the area the boys would love to have some company. My eldest entered a crabbing competition yesterday and came 5th 🙂 x

  2. Oh my goodness I must show my boys this. We love to go crabbing off the harbour at Padstow but rarely catch a crab, then have to admire other people’s instead! Looks like a lovely way to spend a holiday afternoon. Thank you for linking up.

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