A day of climbing and exploring at Fairlop Waters

A couple of weeks back we visited Fairlop Waters Country Park in Essex. It is an Outdoor Activity Centre with 40 acres of water perfect for learning to sail, situated in beautiful natural surroundings. The centre is open all year round so is ideal for winter and summer activities, Fairlop offers a vast array of activities as ‘one offs’ or regular sessions for schools and groups, activities could include dinghy sailing, kayaking, canoeing, bellboating, rafting, rowing, environmental studies, orienteering, problem solving and multi activity sessions. The centre is also home to a bar and restaurant as well as a golf course.

Well we didn’t attend to do a bit of orienteering or windsurfing but we did have a lovely walk around the lakes. Joseph enjoyed running around and exploring between the trees and had lots of fun on the wooden climbing frames that were there. We also came across the boulder park which was a nice surprise as we had no idea that this was here. The boulder park consists of nine boulders varying in heights and shapes to cater for all ages and capability. Joseph climbed all of the boulders with his daddy and really enjoyed himself, each boulder has different angles you can depending on what stage of climbing you want to do.
The boulder park is set amongst the trees along side the lake, a great place to have a picnic as it can get quite cool in the shade from the trees.
Oliver had fun playing with the pebbles and even tried climbing the boulders himself.






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