A Day at Maldon Promenade Park / #Outdoor kids

The boys and I visited Nanny this week and we had a day at the local Promenade Park in Maldon. The day was lovely and crisp, the sun was shining and the sky was lovely and blue, a perfect day for a play in the park.

Joseph had fun playing in the galleons play area, which is a huge climbing ship made of wood sitting on lots of sand, there is also an aerial runway and the popular water splash park to cool the kids off in the summer months, which obviously wasn’t open.
He ran straight up to the galleon and started to take off his trainers and socks, bless him, so he could play in the sand. I had to tell him that it was a bit too cold to do this and just this once i wouldn’t mind if he got sand in his shoes lol.

Near to the galleon is a large model boating and crabbing lake. You will also find a skate board park and BMX track, the promenade has lots of space for picnicking and playing football, which was what my eldest was only interested in doing with his cousins.

As the Park is located on the banks of the river Blackwater, you can sit on the wall or on many of the benches that line the path and enjoy the view of the estuary or take a trip on a boat down the river. There are huts that sell ice-creams in the summer and hot drinks in the winter months. We bought a luxury hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, it was just what was needed after standing around in the cold for an hour or so. Mum and I set and drank our drinks while the boys played in the sand pit. The cold never seems to effect them like us!

I remember when I was a little girl and my parents used to bring me here, I loved it then and I love it now!20120218-204700.jpg

The park also is holds a charity ‘Mud Race’ for adults who like a challenge, up for a bit of fun and also who don’t mind dirty, very dirty!
Competitors compete to be the first to complete a 400 metre dash over the bed of the River Blackwater. Many challengers race in fancy dress.
The race can only take place when the tide is low enough to allow participants to run across safely, starting from one bank they run through 200m of muddy water to the other side and then back again, it is watched by thousands of spectators every year. The race is taking place on 29th April and I’m going to enter myself the other half into it, this is just the ticket for him.
If your interested you can enter here and find out more information about the event.


Here us a bit of info on how the race began, taken from the ‘visit Essex’ website
“The race began in 1973 when a regular of a local pub was challenged to serve a meal on the riverbank dressed in a tuxedo. It became a race across the river to a waiting barrel of beer, to consume a pint of beer and race back”


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  1. I love sharing memories of the places and things we did as children with my own children wathing them have simular adventures together as myself and my sister used to do 🙂 lovely post x

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