A Crafty Christmas with Yellowmoon

Everyone loves to get crafty especially at Christmas. My house becomes inundated with little homemade gifts that the children make at school. It’s a struggle to push the boys to do crafting with me now as they are getting older, the eldest spends most of his time in his bedroom doing his homework and the middle one is always on Minecraft but the youngest has found a new love of art and loves to make things.

Every Christmas I like to sit around the table with my boys and make decorations, this year we tried our hand at salt dough decorations and they loved it, I really enjoy the time with them even if it is a short time before they rush off to their own activities.

We was recently sent a crafty box from Yellow Moon, Joseph has become aware of the packaging now and when the postman delivers our little gifts he quickly knows whats going to be inside, the excitement is too much as he rips off the distinguished yellow and blue tape off of the box and opens it with a gasp as he looks inside.

We was sent:

  • Finger Lights (pack of 4)      £2.49
  • Christmas Foam Glitter Stickers (pack of 120)     £2.99
  • Santa’s Workshop Kits (pack of 2)      £3.95
  • Christmas Self Inking Stampers (pack of 10)     £2.99
  • Jumbo Paint pad – red     £2.55 -washable paint, ideal for all crafts
  • Snow Pals Mugs (pack of 3)     £2.95
  • Wooden House Boxes (box of 4)     £3.95
  • ‘Merry Christmas’ Pop up Cards (pack of 8)     £1.99

I knew straight away that the finger lights would be a firm favourite as the boys rip away the packaging and sort out between them what colours are whose. They come in 4 colours, red, white, green and blue. These little finger lights are ideal for this time of year when your out walking in the early evening, the boys put on a little light show as they walk to the shops and back. Each little light has an elastic strap attached to it so that it stays securely on the finger. Batteries are included and each finger light has an on/off button.

Oliver loved the Santa’s Workshop Kits made from foam. They were easy to make just by pushing in sides together so that the notches met up, once all the side were securely in place all you have to do is decorate it with the self-adhesive foam stickers. Oliver is 3 years old and really enjoyed this activity, we made the first one together and the second one he done himself. He managed to peel away the paper backing from the stickers with ease and he chose where to place them on the house, he is very proud of his little workshop and it has been placed under the tree for everyone to see. Each house comes with all of the templates needed to make the 3d workshop, the templates slot in easily making it a simple craft activity for all to enjoy.

The snow pals mugs have been added to our kitchen cupboards and I am under instruction not to touch them as they belong to the boys. The youngest claimed the blue polar bear one, the middle boys chose the red penguin as he loves penguins, leaving the purple snow leopard mug for Jak. They are an ideal size for the little ones and would make lovely little gifts for the Santa Stockings. The plastic mugs are bright and colourful and very cute.


The next item in the Yellow Moon craft box was the pop up Christmas cards, they come in a pack of 8 with envelopes. The boys enjoyed colouring in the cards in colours of their choice. Everyone likes to recieve home made cards, so much more thought and time goes into drawing your own cards. The boys have made cards for their Grandparents.

DSC_0908 DSC_0907 (1) DSC_0920

The youngest boy had lots of fun colouring in the Wooden House boxes, he couldn’t get over the fact that when the lid was moved to one side it revealed a hidden little hole a perfect little place to hide some treats. Each little trinket box is made from natural wood and can be decorated with deco pens, felts or stickers. We used Deco sparkle pens and they dried really quickly, which is ideal for little hands that want to touch all the time. Oliver wants to give his little decorated houses to his friends at school, I’m not sure he will give away some treats with it too.

The Christmas Stamper come in 2 assorted ink colours – red and green and 10 festive designs. The designs include, Santa, reindeer, snowman, elf, robin, star, gingerbread man, penguin, penguin and a tree. The stampers are ideal for giving wrapping paper, gift cards and labels a personal festive touch. We used ours on our gift tags for the presents.

How cute are these!

The Christmas Glitter Foam Stickers come in 8 different colours and 16 assorted designs, they are ideal for Christmas crafting and card decorations. The colours are nice and bright and the stickers come in all different sizes. One thing about using glitter for decorations is that the glitter comes loose and stays all over the house but with these stickers I found that the glitter pretty much stayed on and even after handling them and the boys using them to stick on their pictures I haven’t been covered in glitter.

Beautiful and bright
Oliver’s Christmas Glittery tree

All of the items were wrapped and delivered in a secure box. Yellowmoon is an online shop that offers a wide range of arts and crafts, party bag fillers and toys for all ages.


We was sent a box of crafts for the purpose of this review


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