99/366 Why not to leave a hot drink unattended

My photo today for 366 is slightly different to my others, its a photo with a story.
Firstly let me apologise for not uploading a photo yesterday onto the blog, we had an unfortunate accident regarding the baby and a boiling hot cup of horlicks.

We was meant to be at a friends party yesterday to celebrate their birthday but we had a visit from my Dad who we only see a few times a year as he lives in Yorkshire. After he left at about 9:30pm Daddy went into the kitchen to make a cup of horlicks for us and Joseph, to help us sleep after our busy, sleep deprived week in Wales( which was great by the way and I have so much to share with you about it, but that will be in a later post). Daddy put his mug down on the floor in the living room (something I am telling him not to do all the time) and he turned his back, a second that’s all it took, a second too late as the baby had decided to crawl over to it and grab at it with both hands. I was stood near to him, looking in his changing bag for his bottle and Daddy hadn’t got that far when the baby started screaming. I looked over and their he was, mug tipped over, a puddle of boiling horlicks on the laminate floor and Olivers hands and wrist laying in it.
We undressed him, placed his hands in cold water for 10 minutes all the time he is screaming and screaming, a shrill painful scream. My poor baby was hurt and it was all down to us being careless, I was crying and shaking, after a second try of running his hands under the water we called the ambulance, we could see that it wasn’t a normal first degree burn his hands were now blistering and skin was peeling away. Ten minutes and the ambulance had arrived, it seemed like eternity, the baby was screaming and I felt totally helpless, the worst a parent could feel, useless, I couldn’t ease his pain, I couldn’t help him. We was taken to A&E and he was treated for burns, I was struggling to calm him, he thrashing his arms around in a frenzy but every few minutes he closed his eyes to sleep, after he was given painkillers he fell asleep in my arms while I was singing to him. 3 hours later I was in a taxi on my way home with my baby in my arms all bandaged up.
The worst blisters are on his wrists but I have noticed today that more are coming out on his fingers and that’s what I can see, god knows what’s under the bandages. He has slept most of the day and is very clingy, he has just started to play with his toys but you can see he is being very cautious with what he is touching. I was told that he will be scarred, he will have scarring because of our stupidity, sloppiness and negligence, I could carry on calling myself names but it’s never going to turn back the clock, he’s already harmed now we just have deal with the consequences of looking at the scars knowing that it was our fault.



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    1. Thank you for the hugs and comment, I know we shouldn’t blame ourselves but it’s just something we do, as parents we should be there protectors not harmers πŸ™‚ x

  1. Try not to worry, it was an accident and your actions afterwards show that you absolutely did the right thing. My son climbed out of his cot when he was 15 months old and banged his head on the floor. He was sick afterwards I took him to A&E and was treated like a criminal, made me wish I hadn’t gone. I

    1. The hospital asked me loads of questions which made me feel so bad and like it was my fault, I half expected the SS to turn up , thank you fir commenting πŸ™‚

  2. I have never posted before but I also have three boys and our eldest had a very similar accident 17 years ago whilst visiting my elderly grandparents .He was about 14 months and managed to pull hot tea onto himself,my husband was brilliant and immediately stripped him and we raced to the nearest hospital who were brilliant.The dressings had to be changed every day and i felt like the worst mother ever.

    Anyway to cut a long story short i just wanted to say ,accidents happen,my son does have a small scar but what seemed huge on a 14 month arm is tiny on an 18 year olds and he personally has no memory of it at all.

    Look after yourself and Oliver and remember that it was an accident.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, your right what looks big on him will be tiny when he’s an a grown up. The quicker the actions in scald and burns the better results,
      A delay of seconds can mean the burn could be more intense x

  3. I know exactly how you feel! Last March (2011) my son grabbed a cup of boiling hot coffee from the kitchen worktop and poured it all over his chest and part of his arm. Luckily I was trained in first aid and knew what to do, so grabbed him and shoved him under the kitchen sink before whisking him into a freezing cold bath. It was heartbreaking to watch but it was the best thing we could have ever done as we caught the burns early and he has no scars on his skin at all. Here’s my quick story about it incase you want to read: http://www.thebreastestnews.co.uk/2011/03/silent-sunday-poor-logan.html

    Don’t worry, no one should leave you nasty comments. It was an accident and they do happen. I fell down the stairs with my son when he wasn’t even a year old and I fractured his thigh bone. You can imagine how bad I felt and I still have to odd tear with the thoughts today but he was fine in the end πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for commenting, I’ve left a comment on your post too, poor Logan I’m glad he is fine now. We acted sharpish too I dread to think what the results would be if we didn’t. I think he’s still feeling pain but not sure why As he just keeps looking at his bandages x x

      1. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚
        Aww what a shame. It’s good that you both acted quickly, that is key when it comes to burns. Not so good if he’s still feeling pain, try and give him some calpol ibuprofen or paracetamol. Or I would take him back to the doctors/ hospital if he was uncomfortable just incase his bandages are too tight. I felt Logan’s were too tight a few days after and I took him right back to A&E to have them dressed again. They did say I could have taken him to the doctors but I didn’t care and told them my baby comes first plus it was out of hours so what were they expecting me to do, just wait!

        1. We have to go back on Wednesday for more dressing, once the blisters pop they become more painful and he’s had a few pop today on his fingers so he must be feeling the pain, bless him. His bandages do look a bit tight I think I’ll pop to walk in centre tomorrow x

  4. That is so awful and you must feel terrible, but you have to remember that it was an accident! It is awful when little ones really hurt themselves but he will bounce back and if there is any scarring he is young and hope fully it won’t be too bad. An awful thing for you to have to go through but good that you blogged about it as we all need to be careful with these things!

    1. Thank you, I did contemplate on blogging about it as I don’t want to receive nasty comments but I deserve to hear what people have to say. You are right people need to know what consequences could be to our mistakes. Seconds with a baby around could result in a lifetime.

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