9 Month Baby Development Milestone

Oliver turned 9 months old on the 21st April, so i’m a little late in post up his milestone development, but here goes!

HEIGHT : 68cm


CLOTHES SIZE : 6-9mths


  • Oliver can now wave goodbye! He was constantly shaking his head from side to side and i thought it would be better for his little growing brain to try to get him out of doing this, so every time he does it we now wave our hands at him to which he responds in doing so back to us. Oliver thinks that shaking his head makes his big brothers laugh, he does it so quick that he ends up falling to one side.
  • Oliver responds to his name, always turns when he’s called and even acknowledges us by shouting back, in his own little language of coarse
  • He loves to dance and his favourite tune at the moment is the eastenders theme tune. When the programme comes on the television he crawls as fast as he can over to it, stands up and bobs up and down, while giggling. He loves toys that have musical tunes/songs on them, he has a little piano and a tambourine that he can sit and play with for a while.
  • Oliver understands the word ‘No’ , I feel its important to introduce discipline at a young age especially when i have two older children to tend to aswell. He knows that it is a bad word and that he has to stop what he is doing as he shakes his head at me and puts his hand up as if to tell me no back.
  • He has cut his two bottom teeth, both at the same time. We did have a couple of sleepless nights and he had a slight temperature, which i gave him calpol and teething powders for. He really likes the powder and licks his lips for more. I have invested in a toothbrush for him as i was using baby mouth wipes on his gums before the teeth cut through.
  • He loves to play with a soft foam ball, rolling it around the room, he picks it up and throws it to his brothers. His ball is only a small one as it is easier for him to hold in one hand.
  • His use of his fingers and thumb to hold onto a pencil is very impressive, he has very good hand coordination. He loves to draw with his pencil on paper, yes they are just scribbles at the moment but i like to look at it as baby art, lol. He can pick up the tiniest of object using his pincer grip and loves to clap his hands together.
  • He has become very confident walking along the furniture and can even balance for long enough to take one step without support, once he realises no-one is holding him he slowly lowers himself to the ground for fear of falling.
  • He can go from sitting to kneeling
  • We have now had to change his buggy from the cot bed to the chair as he no longer wanted to lay down and spends more time awake now. He loves to look around at people and catch their attention with his big smile.
  • He loves any type of food, the boy is a human baby dustbin, he will eat off of my plate then go to his daddy for more food from his plate. He enjoys feeding himself, so i tend to give him food that he can hold like asparagus, bread sticks, croissant, jam sandwiches and sugar snaps. His favourite food is spaghetti Bolognese.
  • I have been encouraging to drink from a cup but at the moment this is only for his juice and not his milk as he will only have that from a bottle.
  • He is still sleeping through the night with the odd occasion where he may have unsettled nights due to his teething.
  • Says simple words like mama, dada and bubba
  • He smacks his lips together for kisses and puts his arms out for cuddles
  • Enjoys playing with his brothers when they are playing Lego, only over my watchful eye as he can place the small pieces into his mouth.

Next month I am looking forward to hopefully watching Olivers first steps and also i will start to look into potty training him.

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