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I was tagged by the lovely and very funny ExPatMammy in this 7×7 meme. All i need to do is share with you all 7 posts by 7 bloggers, which is very hard because there are so many great bloggers out there so i thought that as a newbie myself i would share 7 fab blog posts by 7 newbie bloggers that i have came across recently.

So here goes….

MrsW Mum of 3 and has finally ditched the diet, check out her blog for some great skinny wholesome food tried and tested by herself. Personal favourite of mine is the Chicken Curry

Slummytomummy fab blogger who is being really helpful to her fellow newbie bloggers and has come up with the ace newbie friday, follow her and grab the badge. Favourite post so far is Pay it Forward about recieving a random act of kindness from a stranger and paying it forward to others. Please take a look at her blog it is great.

Threeyearsandonestonethenhome Mother of one, blogging from switzerland about her life over there, very lovely lady and very friendly. Fav post this week has been abou her reasons to dislike Switzerland i cant believe there exoctic section is very limited.

Crumbymummy Writer and illustrator of childrens books and blogs about baking and motherhood. Check out her Scrummy Yummy Cookie Recipe Here, which i can vouch for and say they are very yummy. Also crumbymummy will be doing a linky on tuesdays called terrible twosday inspired by her little one sharing funny things that our little ones do, join up with her on tuesday!

Motherwifeme London writer and mummy to a toddler. Has just started up A mothers work meme  about wether our society doesn’t value or support mothers as well as it could, go check it out.

snooandme Mummy to her 1 and a half year old beautiful little snoo, drinker of wine and a great writer. Blogs about her terrible experience with her ex and insecurity take a look as im sure just like me you will identify with a lot of what snooandme is going through.

ArealmummyDiary Blogging through her first pregnancy, with her due date very close, 9th March to be exact. Check out her post on Preperation Blues the effect of hormones changing during pregnancy.

So there you go, my follow 7 for the week and 7 posts to read.


6 thoughts on “7×7 Newbie bloggers

  1. Thanks for mentioning me xx Need to get thinking about my 7 favourites from this week. It’s a tough one.

  2. Thank you so much for including me! I’m very touched! Thanks also for mentioning the linky! Now hopefully I won’t be posting on my own. Does this mean that I am tagged and have to write a similar post? x

  3. Aw, thanks! Seeing your comment made me realise how little I get out just now and it’s been to find ways to pay it forward. I’m not sure making the kids’ lunch counts. Could creating a website (for free) for a charity count? It’s my aim to be more proactive this week. Fingers crossed. Is the idea that I now write a similar one?

    Why not put the link to this post on the blog hop linky thing on today’s Follow a Newbie Friday post?

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