57/366 Gift from our Neighbours

We had our neighbours over today for dinner, first time for me to cook for guests so I was getting a bit stressed, but there was no need. The day turned out brilliantly, dinner was lovely, company was great, entertainment was funny, all in all a fab day
After dinner we put on the karaoke, sang a few songs, YES even I donned the microphone and strutted my stuff in our livingroom, I did sound just like the dogs next door though, with their whining and crying but atleast I gave it a go.
This is the gift our neighbours brought for us


Gorgeous isn’t it, really wasn’t expecting anything at all. It tastes lush too.

And Oliver sent them home with a gift from himself, not a nice one I must add. He leaked poop out of his nappy and it dribbled down the mans lovely new and probably expensive trousers, So embarrassed. Kids eh! Who would have them!


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