4/365 Toddler singing

Oliver has been enjoying playing with an old toy of Joseph’s this week, the sing and discover Piano! He loves to press the buttons on the piano part of the keyboard to make music and turns the pages over on the book. His favourite is the microphone, he loves to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’ and he even puts expression into his voice when singing and does the actions as well.


I think he takes after his Dad and big brother as they both love to sing and are forever on the karaoke.

The only thing that kept Oliver quiet when he was a baby was to sing the alphabet to him. When he had the accident with his hands I sang the alphabet to him constantly for 2 hours to calm him, the ambulance men couldn’t believe that this was the only thing that soothed him. He eventually fell asleep in my arms in A&E with me singing to him.

Singing helps with there language development and it has also aided my son in his learning to read, as he loved to sing and got frustrated when he couldn’t read the words on the screen so I printed out the words to simple song and he sang along to them using the song sheet.

Do your little ones like to sing too?


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