43/366 a bundle of orange

My boys having fun on the living room floor.
They have been to Lollibop today so are dressed in bright colours.
I know I’m sad! I’ve dressed them in the same colour tops, but hey! They like to dress the same lol
There was no way I was going to lose them today in the Ministry of Sound Nightclub dressed as bright as they was.


Poor Oliver doesn’t look amused does he?


0 thoughts on “43/366 a bundle of orange

  1. Lovely to meet you today, the boys are beautiful, so glad you all had fun. You gotta go to the Lollibop festival in Aug is brill, my youngest loves it… I’ll be leaving Little man in doors as to do a whole day at the lollibop would kill him and me:) Really is a remarkable festival. Be lovely to catch up over a coffee one day, I’m often over at the Quays somewhere, which I think comes under east London. xx

    1. It was nice seeing you all too, a bit hard to talk over the noise though lol
      We are definitely going to the one in the summer, the boys haven’t stopped talking about yesterday. Would love to meet up for a cuppa and a chat x

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