#366 Poorly Boy

Joseph hasn’t been feeling himself for the past few days, he’s had me up in the night coughing and complaining of a sore throat. Last night his cough sounded like a bark and every time he coughed he cried saying it hurt his throat.

I had to sleep with him to calm him down as his breathing was a bit wheezy and heavy. I gave him some medicine and eventually he fell asleep and his breathing went back to normal, there was no more coughing fits neither.

This morning he woke up and he was fine so off he went into school and didn’t complain once, I saw him cool playing round with his friends and he even came over and cuddled me so I thought he was ok. I haven’t heard him cough today until just now when I went to check on him in my bedroom. He was upstairs watching television and I found him asleep on my bed.

He’s barking again and muttering o himself while he sleeps, it actually sounds like he’s counting up to ten!

I’ve given him some medicine so I shall see how he goes….



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