#366 Fridge Phonics

Oliver loves to play with his big brothers Fridge Phonics, he can spend a long time just moving the magnets around the fridge, taking them off and putting them back on. He knows that pushing the letter magnet in makes it sing a song and he giggles when he does it. His favourite song is the alphabet one, he goes all quiet and really concentrates when you sing it, the fridge phonics plays the song when you press the button so he is always standing at the fridge listening to the song.

Another thing that he takes pleasure in doing, mostly because I think he knows that it annoys me is that to remove the magnets completely from the fridge and shove them underneath the fridge, in the mop bucket, in the drinks box and into the washing basket.

I am forever picking the darn things up and out of boxes and putting them back into the fridge.



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